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Laugh & Learn™ Click 'n Learn Remote


Age: 6 to 36 months

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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One of our testers did love this toy, but it smply did not hold the interest of the others. And, a number of parents complain the toy was loud and annoying - just like a real remote that interupts with abrupt mid-song cut-offs as fast as little fingers can push buttons.


Meagan A.


My Daughter ( 19 months) wasn't a huge fan of this toy. She lost interest in it very quickly although more recently she has decided to play with it on her own. I think maybe it would've been more fun for her at a younger age.

Nadine L.


My son [17m] is not interested in this toy at all. It might help if it had more lights or if the songs played to the end even if he presses another button.

Meredith N.

James (M9m) played with the toy remote with interest initially, however it lasted only a a minute or two until his attention span for this device was gone. The biggest problem I had with this toy is that with every button press a new light, song, shape or number initiates. Instead of allowing the child to learn a number or listen to a song in it's entirety, it jumps as quickly as a little finger can press another button. The constant jumping from one item to another didn't seem to provide any educational benefit. I would prefer a toy that doesn't promote instant gratification and spastic channel changing.

Gabrielle L.

Small but fun! My son (12m) still loves this toy. He would pick it out of his mountain of toys easy (even over another toy remote). He loves to carry it around, he loves pressing the buttons and act like daddy. He will bring it everywhere, his room, outside, car ride. He would probably bring it to bed if we let him. I really love this toy, I know if he cries this toy will cheer him up!


Manufacturer Description

The Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote is baby's very own remote with so many buttons, songs & learning fun! With realistic styling and a light at the top of the remote, baby will delight in being in control of all the sounds and music! Baby can click away to learn about numbers 1-10, opposites, colors, greetings and first words! Turn the volume up & down or switch channels to hear a new station! With four sung songs and lots of realistic sound effects, baby will love being in control of his very own learning remote!

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