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Laugh & Learn™ Learning Kitchen™


Age: 6 to 36 months

MSRP (CAD): $44.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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I like the kitchen, it is fun. nice music. Just for me! Mine!



This is so CUTE!  the baby really likes playing with it.



I am planning what I am going to cook. (she put the carrots In the oven).


Maggie W.


It is absolutely a fabulous kitchen set.  My son loves the kitchen.  He loves the music and the shape sorter is great too.   The noises are so lifelike as well. The size is perfect for small hands too.  My five year old loved it too.

Eric C.


Love the options- the language option, music option and so forth.

Could use something to keep the door shut.

Nice portable size.

Amy C.


Liking this toy more and more. Discovered that the French setting actually includes English and French associations. The music is cute and the songs are a good length. It would be good if the door had a slight magnetic closure.

Megan S.


I like this toy and think it has a lot of learnng potential but it doesn't get played with a lot. Keira is 2 and has explored the toy but moves on to other toys quickly and logan at 8 months shows interest and grabs at it but is too young right now to use it in any proper way. We had a playdate today with two 4yr olds, the boy played for a minute then moved on...also two 2 yr old boys who didn't show any interest. I had put the toy out on a table at their level and it wasn't played with, then moved it to the floor and it wasn't played with.

Stacie C.


Cute design, fridge on one side, oven on the other. I was impressed with the four levels of play (english, french, music, and pretend). Cait really liked the design on it and I thought she would start cooking with the objects, but she was so excited about the learning option. She spent a long time turning the light on and off, opening and closing the fridge and repeating the words along with the voice.

Sylvie S.


Am totally considering buying for my child and someone else's. Malik really loves this toy kitchen, it is very interactive and keeps him busy for a while.


Manufacturer Description

Cook up some learning fun with busy activities inside and out, front and back. Open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup, check to see what’s cooking in the oven … all while enjoying music, sounds, light-up fun, four modes of play, and more than 20 sing-along songs and musical activities! There’s even an introduction to Spanish. Volume control for quiet play. Requires 3 AA batteries. Helps baby learn through everyday experiences! • Promotes understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes. • Teaches in English and Spanish. • Expands vocabulary with new words and greetings. • Fosters thinking skills and encourages problem-solving with numerous action/reaction activities. • Reinforces learning concepts through delightful music, sounds and songs. Teaches: • Letters, A-Z • Numbers and Counting • Spanish Words • Shapes • Colors • Opposites • Greetings • Manners and more!

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