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Laugh & Learn™ Learning Paint Brush


Age: 6 to 36 months

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Meagan A.


This was a fun toy at first but my daughter Kyla (F19m) really lost interest after a while. When she did play with the toy she quite enjoyed it. Especially when you removed the paintbrush from the bucket. The only other comment I have is that the bucket needs a longer handle.

Susan C.


My daughter age 16m loves changing the colours and putting the brush back in the bucket over and over again.

Gabrielle L.

My son (10m) is really attracted to the bright flashing colors. He just plays more and more, and every time he sees the toy he goes for it. If we turn it on and he sees the flashing colors, he just smiles and crawls to come get it from us. There is a good balance between lights, buttons, and things to do with this toy and it's small enough for him to take in small hands and to carry around. I like the idea of having him learn cordination and precision to put the brush in the pail and that there are little games, like "look around for what's red". To associate the light colors to things in the room, those little games are very fun and educational and could be fun for the little older ones, but at 10m, my son mainly loves the bright colors.

Shannon C.

Loved the paintbrush toy at first sight. It was easy to come out of the packaging and had some catchy songs that really stick in your head. Liam (M 11m) loved carrying around the bucket and loved the flashing colors, or to sit and push the buttons. I love the interactive songs and the durability of the product.


Manufacturer Description

The Laugh & Learn Learning Paint Brush lets baby pretend to paint with all the colors of the rainbow while learning about numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, greetings and more! The soft plastic end of the paint brush illuminates with six different colors. When baby presses one of the three buttons on the brush, he'll be rewarding with content about the color, shape or number. When the brush is dipped into the paint bucket, baby will be rewarded with fun sounds. Pull the brush out and the end of the brush has magically changed to a new color “paint.” When baby “paints” with the brush, a motion switch is activated, rewarding baby with songs and dancing lights. With eight sung songs, baby will love to paint and learn with the Learning Paint Brush! Requires 2 “AA” batteries, included.

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  • I did that!: Pressing a button makes the brush change colour, helping baby understand cause & effect