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Lil' Zoomers™ Safari Sounds Jungle


Age: 6 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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Jennifer L.

Oh my gosh, how fun is this toy! It took Logan (m1) all of two tries to figure out how to make the cars zoom down the track. This toy is the perfect size for him to sit down with and just kinda have in between his legs. The cars come right back at him so he doesn't have to go running after them therefore does not get distracted from it. This was marvelous while I was trying to fold laundry! Having the ball center instead of wheels makes it easier for Logan to move the cars around and saves my floors as he usualy skids his cars sideways on the floor (rather than back and forth) and these don't scratch my hardwood like regular four-wheeled cars can! The ramp is well made, too, and the cars go down well even through the 180degree curve. But there is no place to store the cars when you're done playing with the ram, and no volume control. Since Logan had no preference between having the sound on or off so for sanity's sake, it was off most of the time. This toy was all about the car going down the ramp and not about the music.

Tasha L.


My daughter (11 months) is not really interested in this toy. She's too young to grasp the concept to play with the cars. She just sucks on the wheels.

Amandip C.

Both my children (F9m and M2) love this toy still. They play with it together and I am happy that it comes with two cars which they like to run the cars on the floor (not always on the ramp). The cars are perfect for little handds and my daughter absolutely loved them, as did my son. The colors are attractive and the ramp is perfect height for a child sitting on the floor.I did find that the music did not play everytime, but the kids don't seem to noitce, so even without the sound effects it is a great toy. Wonderful toy.

Gabrielle L.

The cars are easy to roll around and bring along and my son (12m) them non-stop. However, interest faded very quick for the stucture part of this toy.


Manufacturer Description

Get ready for a wild time as baby sends animal-themed vehicles down the twisty ramp for fun sounds and exciting surprises! Batting the monkey makes it flip and plays rewarding music, helping baby learn about cause and effect. Two easy-grasp vehicles enhance fine motor skills. Full of features for baby to explore, with a spinning gate, sliding lion, and jungle music for sensory-stimulating fun.

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  • Easy-grasp vehicles enhance fine motor skills as baby grasps, drops or rolls them