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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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You'll probably find this Lite-Brite a little harder to do than you remember from when you were a kid. That's because these newer "stay-put" pegs are designed with little bumps on them that snap - rather than slide - into place. But we love the the slimmer look, and our testing kids still enjoy pushing the coloured pegs through the paper template to make colourful light pictures. The only complaint was the difficulty removing the pegs, although some testers also felt more pegs should have been provided. A terrific quiet time activity.




I like seeing my picture all lit up. I really liked doing this, especially with mommy and daddy helping me. I like making it light up when it's dark in the room. The colours are kind of like a night lite when it's all lit up.



I can't do it myself so I ask my sister for help.



The pegs are so colourful and when it lights up, it's so bright! The only thing I don't like about this toy is getting the pegs out when I want to start another picture.



I really like to see my picture lit up. It is so neat when it flashes - it looks like Christmas lights. It is easier to do the picture when the light is on.



Other Relative

Lite-Brite brings life to your pictutres!  It would be interesting to see a "double peg" to see how the colours could blend together.  A great size for kids to take anywhere with them. 

Orietta M.


I like the toy because it is a bit nostaglic for us adults. I like the idea that the kids have to think about what colour is suppose to go in the slot when they initially do the first picture on a board. After that it does not matter because you do not see the inital letter of the colour. My only complaint is that it is difficult to pull the pegs out of the slot when you want to change pictures.

Julie J.


Our kids are very into crafts, this is a great little re-usable "craft" that both have enjoyed playing with.

Jennifer K.


With each sheet we do my 5yr old son seems to be getting the hang of the lite-brite. We are moving soon and this is one of the toys he has asked to kee "out of the box" so he can play with it.
He is still having issues with getting the pegs into the holes, but since we have done 1/2 of the provided sheets, he knows what to do.
(again, thinking we got a bad print batch)
I'm enjoying that it's teaching him patterns, helping with colours and the "fine motor skills"
It keeps him occupied for a good 30-45 min and he doesn't seem to be bored of it (as he always wants to see what the picture looks like in the end)

Kim M.


We went on to the Lite-Brite website (www.litebrite.com) and 5 year old Meaghan was able to download and print out a variety of pre-printed templates. She also created her own design, printed it out and completed the design on the actual Lite-Brite. Brilliant! So easy.


Manufacturer Description

With a sleek, slim design and LED lighting, this battery operated design light station is completely portable and stores over 200 colorful stay-put pegs.  Kids can fold down the screen to lie flat for a comfortable design angle with easy access to the peg storage drawer.  Ten design templates and 200 colorful pegs are included to start the creative fun! Choose between a pink or blue set; each sold separately.  

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32676 Asst.

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