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Little People® Big Animal Zoo


Age: 1 to 5 years

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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Everyone LOVED the elephant, and most of our preschool siblings enjoyed animal inspired imaginative play with the set, especially those who supplemetned the set with other toys. But parents of our toddler testers found the toy a little overpriced when their children ignored most of the set in favour of the elephant. 




I like it very much because it has two zoo animals: a monkey and an elephant. And there are Little People that come with it - boy and a girl who can play with the animals. The elephant has music and buttons, you can pull the tail, it makes funny noise. There are zoo animals because it is a zoo.



My kids, F4 and M1.5 years were really excited to play with the Little People zoo. The first couple days, they both played a lot with the elephant who makes sounds and plays music. Most of the features seem to capture my son's attention. He really liked to push the swing, drop balls down the ramp and put the Little People into the teeter totter tree top. The big elephant was an instant hit, with its great big movable legs, ears and trunk. It plays a cute song when you press the bird sitting on its back and trumpets at you when you pull the tail, which makes him laugh! But after a few days they both lost interest and haven't played with it since.

Wendy K.

My kids (F2 and F4) typically like Little People sets, but this one seems a little too simple for them. My 2 year old likes the elephant and she really enjoys the swing, but neither of those things seem to keep her attention for long. My 4 year old just said that it was a baby toy and wasn't interested at all.

Rebecca D.


My kids, F4 and M1.5 years were really excited to play with the Little People zoo. The first couple days, they both played a lot with the elephant who makes sounds and plays music. My son seemed to really enjoy a few of the features of the zoo- he would use the swing for the monkey and the teetering tree top for the people. But after a few days they both lost interest and haven't played with it since.

Tania K.

I'm not sure what to make out of this toy and I don't think my kids (19 month old boys) know what to do with this toy either. The only thing they gravitate towards is the elephant because of cool tune it plays. I even like listening to the tune. They even figured out that the tune changes if you pull the elephant's tail. But the rest of toy seems out of place. I don't think they are ready to play with the individual pieces as a cohesive unit. Each piece feels out of place.

Marcy J.

My son (19 months) played with the people, the monkey, and the balls on a regular basis, but he seemed to create his own game for them, rather than playing with them in the zoo setting. Many of the features are too advanced for my son (18 months), and I'm not sure if those features will really be a draw for older children. The pieces of this set don't necessarily seem to go together well, but my son (18 months) absolutely seems to love this toy. He plays with the people and the animals, and he uses the zoo as a parking lot for his cars. So maybe this is a great toy and I'm just missing something!

Sandra W.

A big hit with F2, F4, and F6. Durable, attractively-colored, easy to use and no choking hazard for F2. F4 and F6 wasted no time gathering all the other animals from their Little People playsets to add to the zoo and liked making up stories about the toy and using other Little People dolls and animals to enhance the play value. There were lots of little activities to do with this zoo set - swing, measuring the height of the animals, rolling 2 rock balls, sea saw tree, hose to wash the animals. F2 likes touching all the parts (especially the parts that move) and the animals/people that come with the set. She especially liked the large elephant that came with it. It makes sound effects/music when you pull its tail or push the button on his back, and you could move its ears and trunk. She also likes rolling the balls down the ramp. Volume on elephant was loud and could not be adjusted so we taped over the speaker. Should have come with more animals though (only an elephant and a monkey). Liked that it was a fun toy that children of different ages could play with and no choking hazard for F2.


Manufacturer Description

Toddlers’ imaginations will run wild at this discovery zoo. How do you zoo? Welcome to the Fisher-Price® Little People® Big Animal Zoo! Curious kids can move the BIG elephant’s legs, ears and head - just like the real thing. Pressing down on the mouse (he makes his home on the elephant’s back!), tipping the elephant’s head or pulling his tail will all activate music or silly sounds. And if the Zookeeper is too slow bringing the food, the sneaky elephant can tip the platform and his food will roll right into his feeding bin. Way up in the tree top there’s a teeter-totter for the monkey to rock back and forth – and a real working swing. Best of all, little animal lovers can use the hose, measuring stick, scale and eye chart to help the Zookeeper and Mia® clean, measure, weigh and care for the animals.

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  • Tip the platform to send food rolling into the feeding bin