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Little People® Caring for Animals Farm


Age: 1 year and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

Classic Little People fun with an appealing theme – animal rescue missions and a special farm to take good care of them.




I like the music. I like to sing along!


Wendy K.

My 2 year old has really enjoyed this farm toy. He knows all the sayings and songs by heart now, as does everyone in the family. There was a little more excitement for this toy during the first week we had it, but he definitely still plays with it and enjoys it. It's a fun, interactive toy, which my 2 year old continues to play with somewhat regularly. He really likes all of the animals and pushing all of the buttons to hear what song/saying will come next. My 2 year old is not known for being gentle with toys, and yet this toy has stood up well to his play. It has fallen on the floor a few times and it is still in perfect condition. I like that it folds up a little bit, making it easier to store.

Marcy J.

Play never dwindled. The toy is out and used on a daily basis. There's enough going on with the toy itself to give my kids' (m3.5 and f9mo) play some shape, but there's enough left to the imagination, and they can also use the pieces for other things (paired with blocks, for example, or cars). I've been enjoying watching my kids play with this toy. The preschooler thinks the toy is for him--he likes to play with the animals, put them away, and help the farmer take care of the farm. But the baby also thinks the toy is for her--she chews on the animals and adores ringing the bell! My son was incredibly excited to see this toy. We have a book based on Little People farm, so he was already familiar with the characters and was excited to use it. He knew immediately what to do and easily put the animals in their homes or out "in the field." He used blocks to build a fence next to it, and he has used the animals to play with other toys we have at home. He did all of these things on his own, with no prompting from me... Just his natural creativity coming out, I suppose. It's very exciting to see his brain working! He is really enjoying this toy. He said that his favourite part about the toy was the music. He likes to sing along with the songs! He spends a good 15 minutes pressing the button to play the music over and over again. He likes to put the animals in their "homes" and ring the bell. This toy seems to be well made and sturdy. I'm not concerned at all that something will break. My daughter (9 months) has been chewing on the people/animals and it doesn't show any wear and tear. I was especially happy to discover that you can turn the sound off so the music won't play.


Manufacturer Description

Farmer Jed works very hard to care for all his animals on the Little People® Caring for Animals Farm, and he would love some help from your tiny farmer. Toddlers will love learning how to take care of all their animal friends, from feeding the chickens to tucking in the horse with a soft blanket, and exploring all the exciting activities on this farm. Get the fun started by pressing the discovery button to pop open the stall doors and hear fun songs and phrases. Or open up the hayloft for drop-through fun that activates more sounds and phrases! Then little farmers can press the discovery button to "hatch" the chicks, turn the silo to rotate the corn crop (pop pop pop!), and so much more! Ding ding ding—ring the bell to let all the animals know it's dinnertime, then feed some of the corn to the chickens! This activity-packed Little People® playset is more than a farm—it's a home for all your toddler's new friends. Where development comes into play™ ; Sensory: The farm offers tons of sensory-stimulating fun for little ones—from the bright colors, songs & sounds, to the variety of materials for their tiny hands to explore! Curiosity & Wonder: As toddlers discover all the ways to interact with the farm, like pressing the discovery button to hear fun sounds and see the stall doors pop open, they'll see how their actions can make fun things happen—a great intro to cause & effect! Emotions & Self-Expression: As kids pretend to feed & care for the farm animals, they're beginning to learn what it feels like to take care of someone else.

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  • Includes Farmer Jed figure and 4 animal figures—pig, chicken, horse & a cow with her calf

  • Press discovery button for fun songs, animal sounds & phrases. It also turns on the light & pops open the stall doors!

  • Press second discovery button to "hatch" the chicks

  • Open the hayloft for drop-through fun, which activates even more fun sounds, songs & phrases!

  • Turn the silo to rotate the corn crop and hear fun corn-popping sounds

  • Light above barn door really works!