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Little People® Disney® Princess Vehicle Assortment


Age: 18 months to 5 years

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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Our kid testers enjoyed givin carriage rides to Ariel and Eric, as well as other friends found in the toy box, too. Priced similarly to other Little People carriages, this set has the added value of playing happy music, as well as, its Disney theme. Includes two figures (Prince Eric and mermaid Ariel) which are sold exclusively with this set.




Ariel and the Prince can go for a ride to the castle, then Sebastien plays the music so they can dance.



"I love Ariel and I can take her for rides with the seahorse! I like playing the songs all the time and sometimes I take other little girls for rides too. I wish flounder was there too and I want beauty and the beast and cinderella too!


Tammy W.

"The vehicle is large enough to match the little people sets but the seahorse doesn't move up and down enough to make it noticeable. Ariel and the prince wobble somewhat on the vehicle but the girls (F2, F4) don't seem to mind. They would like the songs to last longer. They also wonder where flounder is. I think it would be so much fun to own the entire collection of Disney princess vehicles and little people. Such a great twist for fisher price!

Jennifer K.


My daughter (F2) enjoyed playing with this toy and you could tell that she really "connected" with the disney princess characters. The only thing that seemed to frustrate her (F2) was that Eric and Ariel (the two characters that came with the set) would not fit snugly onto the vehicle. Anyhow, it is great to see a "disney princess" little people line. My daughter (F2) loved this as she is really into the princesses right now and it was good to see that we could actually incorporate other little people with this set as well.

Christina B.


At first, Lily (2.5) loved playing with the coach that came with Ariel and Eric. However, as the testing period continued, she really preferred to play just with the characters and less so with the vehicle! The toy is overpriced, especially since the characters were the biggest hit, and that's why I gave this product a lower rating than the other toys in the Disney Princess line.

Krista M.

"A big hit. It gets played with more often then our other Little People carriage and for a longer time. The cost is comparative to other Little People sets and this carriage plays music and says phrases, so it adds to its appeal. My daughters (F2, F3) enjoy pressing Sebastien and dancing to the music. The carriage includes the batteries and even with often daily use, they are still going strong. The volume is at a good setting, loud enough for the kids to hear and dance, but not so loud that it is irritating as a parent. The carriage drives well, it's easy to put Ariel and Eric into their seats, they fit well and the wide base makes them easy to play with.


Manufacturer Description


Press Release: Add to the fun of the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace with the Little People Disney Princess Vehicle Assortment! Assortment includes Cinderella’s coach and Ariel’s Coach. Each set includes a figure in adorable Little People styling, as well as a detailed coach. Bring Cinderella and Ariel to the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace to hear them say their names, and other signature songs and phrases.

Ariel's Coach (#X7834): You’re going to love watching your little ones recreate the love story of Ariel and Eric … or create a whole new story of their own! This beautiful coach is filled with fun sounds & a song and Sebastian, who is along for the ride! Press down on him to hear his song! Then roll Prince Eric & Princess Ariel along their way, and you’ll see that the seahorse that seems to “swim”! Includes Prince Eric & Princess Ariel figures with coach and seahorse. Requires 2 AA batteries. And here’s some extra princess fun: Bring Ariel to the Little People® Disney Princess Songs Palace to hear her phrases & song! (Palace sold separately and subject to availability.) 


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