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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Some of our testers were happy to have an RC car made just for them - not their brother's car. But at least one brother like this car, too, and was proud to drive it better than his older sister. NOTE: Not all LPS figures have a hole ijn their foot to secure onto the peg. 




Ha!  I have had the best time with the RC car.  I can run it real fast and hit something then the Pet shop flies out and smacks the wall.  It is like the crash test dummies!  My sister ( Mia 7 ) gets so mad at me when I crash her car, but none of mine have an ejection seat!  I don't even mind the colors, it's too much fun!



I really like this car. My sister likes to play with it too. I am better at making it go fast and doing different tricks with it like stopping it in the right places and making it go round. I wasn't good at making the car do what i wanted first but now I know how to work it better and it is easy.



I really like this pink car and I love all the noise it makes.  I like putting the little animals in it and taking them for a ride.  It's fun to go up and down the hall.



I like that I can use it to move my Pets around the house. I don't really like cars but I like this one, the color is really nice and it is made for girls and NOT for my brothers!


Marie-Lise H.


Works well, easy to control and finally it is nice to have a RC car for my daughter, she is usually not too interested in cars but this got her attention.  She loves LPS and liked to drive her pets around.  The other pets are not all compatible with the RC car in that there is a little spike that goes into the pet to keep it in place and some of the pets don't have the corresponding hole so they tend to fall out of the car. 

Orietta M.


My son loves this little toy car. Even though it looks girlie he doesn't really care. He just loves to see it go up and down. He loves to take control of the panel and make the car do different tricks. He finds it easy to maneuvre and enjoys racing it.

Jennifer S.


Cute and colourful but interest has waned since we first got this toy.  A cute addition to an existing set of Pet Shop figurines.

Aimee L.

A really cute toy and my daughter (4) still plays with it! It is a noisy toy, though!


Manufacturer Description

LITTLEST PET SHOP pets are on the move and ready for freewheeling adventure in the first ever LITTLEST PET SHOP RC Vehicle. Girls will love watching their pets ride in style inside the trendy pink and green coupe, using the two-button remote to spin the car forward and clockwise. The LITTLEST PET SHOP RC Vehicle comes complete with an exclusive mouse pet and has room to seat three more pets (sold separately) ready for a road trip. Vehicle requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included; remote control requires 2 “AA” batteries, included. 

Model Number

Item: 32685

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