Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99

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A nice basic fashion doll - standard size so it's easily incorporated into play with other dolls and can "borrow" outfits from the toy box wardrobe. Testers particularly like the ultra poseable arms and legs and the use of wigs to quickly change hairstyles, although parents felt a second wig should have been included with the basic doll so kids could try out the feature. The doll also came with a special Internet code, but our testers felt let down that it didn't seem to give them access to any special areas not already available to the general public.




She is great. So pretty too. She is my barbie's mommy doll because she is taller than they are. I like that she can sit or stand. I like her hair too. She has nice eyes.



I love that I can pose her so easily from standing position to sitting positions. She is beautiful with her long hair. She is the perfect size and I use her as the mom along with my other dolls as she is taller than my barbies and bratz and moxie dolls. I like the idea that she can change her hair by just taking it off her head but it would have been nice if there was an extra one with the doll.



I didn't like the wig because after a while of playing with her, it would fall off. I liked at first taking her wig off. The shoes were hard to get on and off.



You don't need the code for anything because anyone can just get on the website and just play games, you don't even need to buy the doll. I don't see the point in buying the doll because the doll doesn't come with any extra wigs and there is no place to enter the code. It also doesn't come with the adoption pet set that it talks about on the box. I find the website fun though, but I could have got the address and gone on and done whatever I wanted anyway.



On the packaging, it talks about the doll having wigs and I realized that the hair came off and was a wig. She has hair painted on underneath but it would be better if there was another wig so that there would be something to do with the doll. That would encourage me to buy more wigs for her. I went on the website and this doll was not on the website at all although they did mention her on the home page. I could change the wigs and accessories on the other dolls on the website but that is not the same as the real thing. I think they should also change the website so that you can sign in and sign out so that buying the doll gave you something. Right now, anybody can go on and play with or without a doll.


Sylvie O.


As always, removing the toy from the packaging was not as easy for my 5 year old daughter, so I had to help out in this department. She was really anxious to get the doll out and it was like christmas day. This is a very nicely made doll, with a surprise! Her hair comes off like a wig, so the doll has two looks. This was a real attention grabber for my daughter. It wasn't long before this doll found her place in the Barbie house.

Laurie T.


The Liv doll in now on the website. Yeah!!! But still no place for the code.


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