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Magician’s Kitchen™

Playroom Entertainment

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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" I like the fireball part the best" " I know how to get through the maze now!" Lots of requests to play "Can we play after dinner?"



I like this game, but it makes me angry sometimes because the marbles move and I can't guess where they are. I play with my parents and little brother and we have fun, but we only play one game at a time.



Boring after playing it a few times. I didn't like it.



Even though I keep hitting the magnet and losing I really like this game. I can pretend to be an apprentice and make potions.


Lisa G.

Playing this game with Zahra (5) changed my opinion slightly. It is a very cute and unique design but a bit repetitive. I moved the colored corner cauldrons to make the path longer for the apprentice to cross. It can be quick play 5 turns and I can get everything across or 6 because I know where the stumbling block is. It would be best if it was played with 2 kids because it increases the number of turns. Throwing the fireball at the end is still the best part.

Julie J.


Nobody was very interested in this game after a few tries with it, didn't seem challenging enough.

Mike R.

This game is a good quality and smartly constructed game. A lot of nice touches have gone into it, and even the instructions read like a story. On our first playing, the boys played three games straight and wanted to play again the next day. It is fun. They enjoy using small wooden wands to move pieces around the board without "stumbling" on hidden magnets. My only disappointment with the game is that there isn't enough depth or challenge to it. With only 4 variable "stumbling" spots, I'm pretty sure my older son will get bored with it soon. In light of this, I would definitely grade this as age 4+.

Jo M.

The quality of the game is great, and the instructions are well written with great pictures to help show what to do. But the kids (F4, F6 & M8) didn't find the game very challenging. We did have a hard time getting the fireball in the fireplace at the end to win the game, but figured out if you move the fireplace close to the purple star on the board it will go in easily.


Manufacturer Description

Kaboom. A colorful cloud of smoke billows out of the cauldron in the old Magician’s Kitchen, where the magician’s little apprentices are learning the art of cooking up magic potions. Each ingredient must be tossed carefully into the pot, but hidden areas in the board may trip you, causing your ingredients to go flying. Make sure you don’t stumble, or the potion will be ruined. Leg of toad and stumbling curse, which of you will be the first? Magician’s Kitchen is the magical game of skill with surprises around every turn. Game includes 4 Magic Cauldrons, Fireplace, 4 Wooden Magicians, 4 Wands, 16 Wooden Potion Balls, a Fireball, Gameboard with 12 built-in Magnetic Balls and Instructions in English, Spanish and French. For 2 to 4 Players, 20 Minute Playing Time, Ages 5 to Adult.

Model Number

Item #: PLE89400

Year Introduced



  • Gameboard with 12 built-in Magnetic Balls


  • Unique use of magnests creates hidden obstacles