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Mandalas and More Coloring & ARTivity Book

Creativity for Kids/Faber-Castell

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $5.99

MSRP (USD): $5.99

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A beautiful colouring book, with a level detail better suited to older kids - at least 8+. Ideal for kids who enjoy detailed coluring.




These take a loooonnnnggggg time to make (eye rolling!) Mom if you make one with me, i'll do it. This book practices me to draw inside the lines but it's hard. I like that there are a lot of hidden pictures on the page. My favorite on is the page with the ice cream cones. Yummy!



There are lots of pretty pictures and they are all very different.



I do them very enthusiastically because i really like to color and make designs. I love this book.


Jo M.

This book has a lot of beautiful designs and activities to choose from. Unfortunately none of the drawings and activities have been completed. My 6 year old daughter does not sit and colour long enough to complete the detailed pages. She will start on a page but then gets distracted midway though and has not been going back to finish. Perhaps this book is geared toward an older child? The quality of paper is great. I like how the pages can easily be torn out of the book so two people can work on activities at the same time.

Orietta M.


i really liked working with my daughter (age 7)on the many pictures. she would sit for hours colouring away at the beautiful patterns and designs. the paper they use in this book is beautiful.

Jennifer L.

This book took a very long time for my daughter (f6) to warm up to. The madelas took too long to complete and the designs were too intricate for her to be able to complete them at her normally high standards. Even after 8 weeks, she only had about half of the book done. Olivia did however have a great sense of pride when she completed pictures and gave several of them away as gifts to family members.


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24 fun-to-color patterns and designs in circular, grid and free form templates, games and puzzles, simple paper crafts.  

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