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Marble Racers MaxTraxx 20' Interlocking Glow Race Track

Skullduggery, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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I think this is the best racetrack because we can set it up any way we want. The cars are really different because they light up. When all the kids were here (M6, M7, M8) it was the most fun because we put all the track pieces into one big track and we put one end on the window and the other end stuck to the door knob. I started my car at one end and my friend had his at the other end and when we said go they both went down and smashed into each other. My car broke but it doesn't matter because now without the ball in the middle it goes faster than the other car and I can still make it flash if I stick the ball in, it just falls out. The piece that broke off we can't find because it is clear. It is not going to be a boring toy because you can make the track go a different way every time.



I really liked this track but then I broke the car. I really don't know how I did it but it just broke. Mom got mad when I tried to stick the track on her china cabinet. That was the only glass I could find. It was hard to stick the track on the wall. I didn't know what to do. It was tricky setting it up but once we figured something out it was fun to play. I love the cool lights.



I love the lights on the cars. That's so cool! They light up when they move. They look like they are made of glass, but then you can put stickers on them. That's fun. And the track is supposed to glow in the dark, but it's hard to find dark to play in.


Mireille S.

I like that this track set is compatible with other popular track sets. This one seems rather simple, but the suction cups make it possible to hang the launcher for the track from a window making it that much more exciting, although you'd need a window that's close to the floor - like a patio door, and the suction cup didn't always hold (it seemed like the track was too heavy to be held up by the suction cups, they kept falling, even after we gave them the old water trick). The lights in the cars were a big hit, and are even visible in daylight, but the glow in the dark track feature needed more darkness (away from the window (so no suction cup). Within the first few play sessions, one of the car's wheels fell apart, and although the ball in the centre of the car is what makes the car move forward, having wheels only on the left side threw the car off-centre and left it unusable.

Jennifer F.


The two cars in this set impressed the kids right off the bat - they are clear, and flash, and look amazing on the glow in the dark track. However almost just as quickly one car was broken beyond repair when it smashed into the other car on the track (pretty much a given that there will be smashing of cars when there is a racetrack and one long track!). Definitely would expect a car in a set like this to be a bit more durable. That said, the kids who played with this set really enjoyed it - they could set up the tracks the way they wanted (didn't have to refer to instructions) and all thought playing in the dark was fun. This track came in a small box and was easy to pack up and put away at the end of a play session, unlike many other sets that seem to take so much work to set up/take down, they end up being left out and taking up huge space in the house for days and days.

Orietta M.

It is really a neat concept track but I still think there might be hiccups in the way it was designed. A) the cars should not break that easily, B) the track should not rely on glass to hold up and C) it should be able to show better lighting in the day.

) Jennifer Fraser

Although initially we found it a bit cumbersome to put it together, we pretty quickly realized it was easier and worked just as well to set it up as two separate tracks (rather than two side by side tracks that are meant to "click" together) or even one full long track. So we ended up using it as two separate tracks, which definitely worked better when playing with more than one child. Also meant that if the track did come apart, my six year old could put it back together fairly easily himself. I was surprised that the suction cups did seem to stay suctioned to the window! My son M6 loved that he designed the car himself with the included stickers, and the flashing/strobe light car was something that impressed all the little boys who were playing with it. I think the glow in the dark is a nice add on, and although most of our playing was done in daylight, it was a nice bonus when they discovered it was a glow in the dark set.


Manufacturer Description

MaxTraxxx is Krazy Kar's hot, new, Glow-in-the-Dark, 1/64 scale, standard race system. Side by side, easy launch racing is engineered directly into the design with built in starting gates and expandable racing lanes. Race multiple friends at once! MaxTraxxx interlocking groove structure expands to meet your racing requirements. 20 feet of Glow-in-the-Dark track and 2 Light Up Marble Racers are also included in every MaxTraxxx starter set.

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  • 20 ft. of glow in the dark track included - Compatible with Hotwheels track, Works with all standard track