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MARVEL THE AVENGERS Gamma Green Smash Fists

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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I'm going to build a towel and I'm going to smash it! WAARRRRGGGHHH!!



When I put the hands on, I felt like the Hulk. Grrr! Really mean! But I wish I would have had a Hulk mask to wear with the fists. I think that would have been better. With the hands on, I couldn't grab anything, and Mom didn't want me to hit anything, so other that growling like the Hulk and showing my muscles, I couldn't do much with them.



I like all the padding in the fists so my hands don't hurt when I hit something. I like to attack my sister and bad guys.



I wish the hands could open and close and not always be stuck in fists. I wish my brother didn't think they were real.



The Hulk is strong, I am strong! I am only allowed to smash the floor, not my sister, but I like smashing and crashing the floor. Green is my favourite colour and these hands are cool.


Susan C.

It seems like just putting on the fists makes my son (4) feel like his whole body suddenly got bigger and he is the Incredible Hulk. He is a huge superhero fan so having Hulk fists is truly amazing to him. This is a well designed toy. Nice detail of the hand and the straps inside are perfect for gripping on. The fists look hard, but they are made of soft foam. The fists are large, so they take up a lot of room in the toy box, but that is just part of the reason why they are awesome. It's hard though to give a child something like this and tell them they can't hit things with it. We had to implement a strict 'Hitting the floor only' rule when the fists were on.

Esther W.


My son (4) liked this. He is really into superheroes right now, so these fists were fun. But once he got bored with smashing toys and tables, he didn't play with it anymore. I set rules for him to follow while he had the fists on and he followed them pretty well. My daughter (2) also enjoyed the gloves but she didn't know how cool it really was, so she lost interest pretty quickly. Overall, this is a cool toy...but it doesn't really do much to keep the kids entertained.

Mireille S.


These fists are guaranteed to bring out the Hulk in kids, and adults alike, with plenty of muscle flexing and growling from anyone who wears them. They are well made, durable and yet quite detailed. And there's no complaint about the price! But, I would definitely invest in a Hulk mask or attire to go along with the fists, to maximize the play value.


Manufacturer Description

Feel just as powerful as your amazing MARVEL THE AVENGERS hero, the HULK, with these amazing Gamma Green Smash Fists! When you put these green hands of power on your own hands, it will be that much easier to imagine yourself smashing everything that gets in your way! With a HULK hero mask (sold separately), you can be even more like the muscle-bound green hero. Get into the best HULK action ever with your Gamma Green Smash Fists! Includes 2 fists.

Model Number

Item: 39500

Year Introduced



  • Includes 2 fists


  • Put them on for instant fun!