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MATCHBOX® Wolf Mountain Adventure

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

Production Status: In Stores

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It is neat how is roars and it is luck whether you get through the roads or fall down the mountain.  It is good that it works with any types of cars.  It comes with a car but you can use your own as well.  The lever that is supposed to move for the grate to swing is stopped from moving because of some rocks that are there and built into the structure so can’t be moved. 



I like that I can make the car go up and then it rolls into the mouth of the wolf. Sometimes the wolf catches the car and it rolls down the mountain, or it can go around and get into a slide. It's a lot of fun, the wolf says: WOOOHoooo! I can use any car I want.



It's really fun to play with, I like the elevator that carries the car to the top of the mountain. It comes with a really nice car. The car can go in a cart that swings open and lets the car continue on it's road. You never know if the wolf's head is going to grab you when you pass or not. I like that there is a hidden treasure. The noise the wolf makes is a little loud but that's the only thing I don't like about it.



This is coolest obstacle course I’ve ever seen! Where the car has to get to the bottom before the boulder hits him or where he can’t get eaten by the wolf. I love the complication of this toy! I like how the explosion part actually blasts him off and makes an explosion sound. My petshops played with it, too!


Laurie T.

Zoe was very excited to get this.  It seemed very cool by all the features described on the box.  However, after pulling it out and putting it together, there seemed to be quite a few problems.  The lever that swings the bridge over so that the car can continue on the path is blocked by a built in rock on each side and so can not move the bridge.  When you try to move the bridge on your own, it usually breaks off.  The car runs over a button which looses a boulder which chases the car down the road – sounds very exciting.  However, the car has to be certain weight in order to push down the button and most of the cars that Zoé has are not heavy enough.  The car regularly gets stuck at intervals on the roadway as well.  Due to all this and the frustration that comes with it, Zoé does not play with it much anymore.

Karen R.


I was not familiar with this line of toys when I received it for testing, however, it appeared to have a track with a truck and sounds so I figured Cole would be interested in it.  Unpacking the toy was easy which I really appreciated (minimal wires and tape to remove so it didn't take 10 minutes just to get out of the box) however the instructions were a bit difficult to make out in terms of how all the pieces fit together.  While I was doing this, Cole was already reaching in to set off the wolf sound and press some of the moving pieces as well as trying to put some of them together himself.  After figuring it all out, the pieces didn't seem to function exactly as they should have.  The lever that is supposed to release the lift when it is holding the truck didn't move in a manner that would allow it to be released and the two gate pieces that are at the bottom of the toy kept falling out.  I couldn't figure out what the point of the little toy chest was although I suspect that something was supposed to happen that would release the gates to reveal the treasure.

I was a bit concerned that Cole would be afraid of this toy given the menacing look of the wolf and the howling sound that it makes but he thought it was great.  He also wanted to lift the wolf's mouth to place the truck inside repeatedly and played a bit with the boulder though not in the way that was instructed on the box - he would roll it down the ramp or put it in the wolf's mouth instead. 

Upon leaving Cole alone with the toy he continued to examine all of the moving pieces.  We have more exploring to do to determine how all of the moving parts are supposed to work but there seeme to be enough things that move and ways to set off the sounds to keep him interested.  He didn't spend alot of time rolling the truck down the ramp (which surprised me) but I suspect that will come shortly once he has a chance to become acquainted with all of the other moving parts.

Louise H.


My son (5) was very excited about this toy, and really likes opening and closing the wolf's mouth and the sounds. I found it easy to assemble, although the fence to hide the treasure always falls off. My son has also been frustrated that you have to have things lined up perfectly in order for the car to come down the ramp and release the ball. It's really not as exciting as it looks in the commercial and after the initial excitement he really hasn't played with it.

Marc T.


The trap of being enticed by something that looks very intriguing on the box. However, it is shoddy build quality and many of the features don’t work on an ongoing basis.

Mireille S.


Not for the squeamish. The howling wolf can scare some kids. Even my 4 year old was hesitant at first, but it didn't take long for him to think it was a very cool sound. In theory, this is a really awesome set. Lots of obstacles and traps. And let's face it, it's a playset for cars, what's not to love... Well, the set never seemed to function properly. We found it flimsy and it kept falling apart. During assembly, it took several tries to attach the pieces properly and even then, some kept coming apart. Then, there's a spot on the track where the car must get into a trolley as it's going down, and according to the instructions, the trolley would transport the car to the other part of the track to continue the journey, but that component never worked for us. We even tried to do it manually, but then it kept detaching itself from the set. Also there's gate that's supposed to attach to the bottom of the set, and we were never able to assemble the second half of the gate. It kept falling off. A big disappointment. The idea behind it is great, and I'm sure it would be great if it actually did what it was supposed to.

Marie-Lise H.


The boys have quite the fun with this mountain set. Kaï can't get enough of seeing the car go around the track, he place the ending of the track ext to a wall so that he can catch the car quicker to make it go around again. I don't see how I could attach additional tracks to the set, to bad. The noise level is a little loud but it doesn't last long so there was no demand from the boys that I remove the batteries.

Glen S.


The cars go down quickly and easily. You can use other cars down the ramp too. It fits other Hot Wheels cars. It is great that there are different ways a child can send a car down the ramp to change things up. The lights of the eyes and the howls are a little spooky and fun. These features will definitely hold kid's interest. Having the mouth of the wolf open and shut it's mouth is an added bonus. The toy itself is pretty sturdy. There is a gate at the front, which is meant to fall off however, it is hard for the kids to set it back up and it has proven to be a frustrating feature for us. Anyone who loves cars, will likely love this.


Manufacturer Description

Matchbox Wolf Mountain Adventure Playset: On the hunt for real heroic adventures? Find them on Wolf Mountain! Boys will have a howling good time seeking hidden treasure by navigating 2 different pathways featuring a working elevator, twisting ramps, a rickety bridge and an abandoned coal mine. But true treasure hunters always face unexpected perils! Beware the giant boulder rolling down the mountain and aiming to knock you off course! Or the trap door that could leave you caught inside the coal mine. Use the dynamite to blast your way to freedom and hear the wolf howl in frustration and flash his bright red eyes! Playset includes one die-cast vehicle. Not for use with some Matchbox vehicles.

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  • Playset includes one Matchbox die-cast vehicle