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MAX STEEL™ Deluxe Turbo Battlers* (with Ultralink™) Basic Figure

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

Production Status: In Stores

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I like that these guys light up. It's pretty cool when they are spinning. They are like balls of fire! And when they fight in the bowl, spinning like crazy, they sometimes break into a bunch of pieces. They go flying everywhere.



I like this toy better than the Max who doesn't do anything. I like how this one spins and I can time it and see how far it travels. It is neat. You have to be really careful how you put the long plastic in the spot and pull. The faster you pull the faster the top spins. This is cool. I have another one and I like to spin them at the same time so I can see who moves faster and longer.



I really like spinners. This one lights up and it is strong, it can bump the others out of the arenas or both of them get bumped out or the top flies off, this means really short games


Tara R.


These make an interesting enhancement to the beyblade phenomenon, with the introduction of characters and lights to the spinners. Unfortunately, the figures fall off inconsistently (rendering a proper battle based on skill of operators nul and void). The arena is too shallow, and the units have a lightweight, plasticky feel to them. That said, they DO spin awfully fast!

Orietta M.


Once my child figured out how to launch it on his own the game was his and the excitement was there. He loves it. We didn't realize that they lit up until recently, wow..i have to admitted they are cool in a dark room. it just adds some detail to the activity. It is a fun thing to have the kids play...just make sure there is nothing in the way incase they hit each other and knock something down. I insist this toy has to be done on the floor and not on a table and we have not had any problems.

Mireille S.


Compared to other spinners, these Max Steel Turbo Battlers win everyone's votes on visual appeal alone. They look different; they are slightly larger, have a man standing on the spinners with an arch over top and the best part is the light up feature when they spin. Quite impressive! What I really didn't like about these is the fact that they disassemble during battle. It sends the many pieces of the spinners flying all over the place. Their direction is unpredictable and they are thrown quite fast. I fear this could be a safety hazard, but otherwise, my 7 year old seemed to enjoy playing with these more than the traditional spinners.

Marie-Lise H.


it's seems to be quite a competition with spinners and which one is the best... the difference this one has with the others from the same series is that it lights up. apart form that, the characters are interesting to see, compared to a plain disk spinners, they have a personality that is linked to the TV show. The top of spinners still fly off when they are in combat, I still think this is a hazard. But not enough that it stops my kids from playing.


Manufacturer Description

Deluxe Turbo Battlers are all about Max Steel competition and include special base stands that spin the figures to battle opponents. The object of play is for kids to try and hit their opponents\' sweet spot, a trigger that, after several hits, will send the figure flying off of its base indicating the winner. To unleash fighting capabilities activate the spinning battle base with the retractable pull-string, it will go faster as pulled. After the base has been primed the figure’s side edges light up with built-in LEDs and, when spun, create a “Turbo energy” sphere effect. Now it’s time for the rivalry to begin as the Turbo Battlers race toward one another in a skirmish of speed! Figures come with both energy blades and battle bumper blades that can be interchanged for cool customization. Includes figure, base, two energy and battle bumper blades.

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