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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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This (Arena) is ok. I can play with the Max Steel Battlers in this bowl, or on the floor. When it's in the bowl they stay closer, but the spinners can still go over the walls because the walls are really short. That's happened a few times. They have a spot for the countdown to start the game, but it's almost the same as the bowl I have for my Beyblades.



I don't like the arena. My beyblades ones are better. The spinners don't stay in, and they're harder to start. I like the colour though.



well if I didn't have the arena I couldn't play with the spinners as much, so it's pretty good. The spinners get bumped out quickly thought, I never did find the trick to make them stay longer.



I really like the colour of the areana. it is neat how there is a little ramp for the spinners to go down and they all stay in the areana.



I find the walls a bit short, maybe it could be a little bigger, I like the form and I like the on ramp thing that we put the spinners on. Oh and I love the color!



when you put 2 spinners to battle, they get pushed off the arena really quick, so I can really evaluate the fighting, we have yet to have 1. We'll continue to practice, maybe we need to find a trick or something


Tara R.


Arena has convenient launching spaces for placing spinner to pull the cord. This is helpful, and provides a sturdy base for resting the spinner. It also levels the playing field for launch. The main issue I have with the arena is that it's too shallow, allowing the figures to spin off easily.

Orietta M.

You really don't need the arena to play with the characters. You can play on the floor. The only advantage is that the characters spin right in the arena.

Mike R.

The arena is flimsy. Very flimsy. A corner got bent during transport and it did not lie straight. With some serious bending and manipulating we got it sitting fine, but the bend is still visible. I can see this being a significant problem, as it will be unforgiving to the accidental step/sit/kick that these things go through. Also, the sides of the arena are rather low, and this sometimes causes issues with the spinners jumping over. We'll continue to play with the arena and see if there's an easy workaround.


Manufacturer Description

Go Turbo™ and Dominate in the Arena! Use your Turbo Batters™ figures (sold separately) and the Turbo Battlers Arena to recreate epic battles from the hit TV show! Who will be in your battles? Max Steel™ vs Dredd™? Ferrus™ vs Elementor™? Can Max Steel overcome his biggest enemies? So many combinations, each full of action and new battling moves! 

Compete / Battle - The Max Steel™ Turbo Battlers™ Arena is the ultimate venue for Turbo-fied battling action! The arena hosts a smooth surface to ensure maximum spinning, with raised edges and a curved base for optimum battles and high-impact collisions. 

Collect and Customize - Create your own Max Steel™ battles just like the show and build your own collection of Turbo Battlers figures, sold separately. Besides our hero, Max Steel, the line of battlers also includes Toxzon™, Dredd™, Elementor™, Extroyer™, Cytro™ and Ferrus™. Each comes with a unique removable base, figure that ejects if defeated, and signature energy blades for turbo energy sphere effect. These interchangeable components make customization easy and fun! 

What’s in the Package? The package comes with the Turbo Battlers™ Arena, including two entrance ramps and two moving guardrails. Turbo Battlers™ figures are sold separately.

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  • Launch Turbo Battlers into the arena via the entrance ramps