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Meccano Advanced Toolbox Construction Set


Age: 5 to 9 years

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

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I like cars, and building stuff, but this toy wasn't much fun because I couldn't do the instructions. Even with my dad's help, it kept falling apart. I prefer to play with some of my other toys.



I really liked making a race car and an ATV. I liked the wheels and using the tool. My car went really fast. I think other kids would like this set 'cause its fun to build.



I had a toy like this before and didn't like it very much, but I still tried to play with this one. I didn't find it fun. I got mad. The pieces wouldn't stay together and the book (instructions) was hard to read (pictures). I asked Grandpa to help and he even thought it was hard. It wasn't very fun because I couldn't put it together, and when we almost had it together, it would break. I didn't play with this one a lot, I played with other stuff.



i love all the different cards i make. It is so neat how i can make them myself by following the instructions on the paper. Mom loves how i keep everything in the box and everything is clean.



I love it. I think the instructions are really good because every step shows you the pieces you need and where to put them. Sometimes instructions just show you the next step so you have to check really carefully. I would say this is in between easy and hard. I did most of it by myself but Dad helped me maybe two times.


Mireille S.

Even though he is a child who loves building play sets. My 6 year old struggled in following the instructions. Even though the images were in colour and the pieces were clearly identified, some steps were still unclear because the arrows on where to place the pieces weren't specific enough. Even with adult help, the creation had to be disassembled many times to back track a few steps to correct one part of the assembly. Also, when pieces were assembled, it was a struggle to keep them that way. The pieces didn't want to stay together and Whenever the assembly was moved, it was like the pieces wiggled loose and started coming apart.

Mike R.


I was excited to try this toy with my six-year-old son. Unfortunately, there were enough problems with the toy to ruin my son's enjoyment and really put this toy in the 'unused' corner. A few of the negative points: There aren't really enough parts for imaginative play. The instructions are beyond a 6-year old. The parts don't fasten well and reliably. If the product had been implemented well, the design was a good one. Being able to build multiple models with one kit is always appreciated.

Orietta M.


we had a great time building model cars. I couldn't believe how my son (5) was focused and enjoyed doing this activity. He followed along nicely on the instruction sheet which was labelled well with visuals making it easy for him to use. I was impressed at the amount of time he has spent working with this toy and when he is finished he easily puts everything in the box.

Jennifer F.

Ideal for kids who enjoy intricate work, following instructions, and have a fairly good attention span. This is a good building set for my 6 year old, although it required a bit more parental involvement at first (than other construction toys). But but once he got the hang of it, he said it was easy to follow the instructions and with the exception of a few tricky parts here and there, it's a building set he could work on independently. A few pieces in some of the designs seemed tricky to put in - I can't think of any 5 year olds who could have completed this on their own. My younger son (4) was enlisted to "play" with my older one (6) and given the job of lining up the pieces for the next step. Once a creation was together, it was pretty much kept together and played with it like a toy - there wasn't the constant changing pieces and adding on that I see with other building sets. The sturdy carrying case is a nice bonus - big, I assume so you could even store the finished creation inside with the leftover pieces and instructions, although We did have to hunt around for pieces, for whatever reason my kids were not good at keeping the pieces to this toy together in one spot. My 6 year old was impressed that you could download more instructions from the web. He didn't sit down with this frequently, but when he did, he always was there for 40 minutes or so, completely involved in building, and always was able to complete the project before his attention span ran out.

Liz H.

This is a fabulous set. After doing the first vehicle together, my son (Sean, 5 yrs.) was able to follow the diagrams, match the pieces and assembly the vehicles on his own with very little adult assistance. He was so proud that of himself. I was surprised by his sustained interest and focus. The tools and pieces are perfect sizes for little hands. I also really loved the storage bin. It was sturdy and closed well. Great for keeping the pieces together between plays.


Manufacturer Description

Build and drive your ATV. Then enter the race and or take to the skies after building other cool vehicles. Handy storage case. Advanced level 2 to discover flexible parts and build a multitude of models. 70 piece Meccano Advanced Toolbox construction set builds 6 models. Made in France. Tools and assembly instructions included. 

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