Parents noted the limited number, and similarity, of the expressions depicted, and that the kids weren't always able to immitate the faces (so some opted to show the card instead) - or guess which expressions the other players were trying to make. Nevertheless, our testers had fun making silly faces to ask for cards in this unique Go Fish adation. 




It,s a fun family game...exceept it can be quite gross when someone eats and they have to show their tongue, like my little borther he thaought it was funny but I thought it was just gross.    I wish there where more cards, there are only about 10 matches to make, if there where 4 cards that match instead of 3 cards we could make packs of 2 and try to steal the little packs or something.  Some of the pictures are really funny and it's hard to mimic them without laughing



You  have to get three cards. If someone has the exact same card as you they have to give it to you and you get the 3. You ask for the cards by making the face of the one you want.



 I mean it's not the same as Go Fish.



It's fun to play go fish and make funny faces, when I stick my tongue out the other person has to pick a card and go fish!



It's fun to play go fish and make funny faces, when I stick my tongue out the other person has to pick a card and go fish!


Iwona V.


The kids had fun playing this game, but the novelty wore off and my younger daughter has no interest in playing.

Stacie C.


I was expecting a game that used more common facial expressions, like emotions. The game is fun to play and the kids enjoy it, but I was hoping for something that focussed more on recognizing, reading and making facial expressions.

Marie-Lise H.


Great idea for a card game!  I had a hoot playing it with the kids.  I would recommend making sure no one is eating a snack when you play cause it can be gross when you mimic a face with the tongue out.

Some of the faces are a little similar so we added discriptive words to it .  I can even see using discriptive emotion words to add to the game like: " do you have the card that has a little boy who is very surprised"  or then again you can play the game without using any words just mimicking faces, that is fun also!  I found it very hard to stick out my tongue instead of saying no.   Mia would tell me: you did not stick your tongue out! " then she would giggle.  so it's fun, and I am sure if we play it in the park we would get some pretty interesting looks from other people!

Tammy W.

My son thought it was hilarious to watch the funny faces I had to make. When I had to stick my tongue out to show that I didn't have the card he asked for, he thought I was asking if he had a card with a kid sticking their tongue out, and that was a little bit confusing. At times, we had to show each other what card we were asking for because we couldn't quite read the other person's face. Also, some of the faces, he didn't know how to make (crossing the eyes, for example). There are some faces that look very similar and are hard to differentiate between, and I think there are many other funny faces that could have been included on the cards.


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This super fun card game, you with your face asking about the other participant's card, they do not map - so goes the tongue of you.

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Item No. 5704682000185

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