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Mini Flyer with Infared Sensor Remote Control


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Intriguing toy, but unfortunately half our samples were out of commission after the first play session. A big hit though in families where it continued to work. Basically it's a ball (choice of decorative themes available) with two sets of rotors. Once in motion, the Flyer will lift off against any solid surface before it lands - whether its the floor, your hand, the included "racket", or even the topside of a foot. That certainly makes it easier to keep this flyer aloft, avoiding a premature landing - which dosen't mean it never crashes - it does, usually when it flies into something hard enough to stop the rotors. Atfter a couple of brief tries, we haven't mastered much control over where it flies - except for up and down. SAFETY NOTE: Tie back any long hair, and make sure nothing will dangle - because sometimes the flyer gets close enough to the floor that you need to lean over [the spinning blades] to reach under the ball and boost it back up again. Also, everyone in teh vicinity should keep their eyes on it, and be prepared in case it flies towards you.




What is really cool about this toy is the technology. It works on a sensor, so when your hand, or head, or feet are near the (flying soccer) ball, it doesn't touch you. I've never had one that works in that way. But, sometimes it goes crazy and hits the ceiling or you get freaked because the blades get your feet when it hits the ground. For that reason, I only give it a six out of ten. And, I don't really play with it. The charge isn't working anymore even after we replaced the batteries.



It is the best RC ball I have ever had.. well it's my first one ever but it is still cool. I have no problems controlling it. I wish I could bring it outside, but I get that it would get lost really quickly.



not my favourite toy because it broke so quickly and I couldn't get it fixed. this would be a waste of money



It's cool because it has a sensor,but it's even harder to use that! Because it's hard with the paddle so like you know it's cool, like totaly awesome.



its fun its easy but......its kinda hard at the same time to control.i mean like if you hit it to hard it comes off balance. and the paddle is too flappy.



OMG! this is like my very own Quiddich ball! I love it!



It's really cool to see soccer ball fly and not touch anything. You use your hands, arms, feet or the racquet to guide it. It's easy to do. The only thing that I didn't like was that they didn't tell you what the button on the remote was for. Once to start, again to have it come down slowly and then you can catch it so it will stop.



Now I can play Quidditch (Harry Potter) with my sister (5) because the ball is like the golden snitch. I wish it came with more instructions. We weren't sure how to get it working. I like how it can touch the ceiling and not fall down. It goes up when I put my hands under it. I want to give this a 10, but it went crazy before dinner and hit a wall and broke. The top propellers snapped so it cannot lift or sense things properly. I'm really sad. This was the best toy I was testing.


Golda W.


The flyer is still fun for the boys (12 & 10) and their friends, but it can sometimes fly unpredictably.

Kim M.


First couple of times, we all really enjoyed the soccer flyer. The infrared technology seemed quite innovative. It was quite sensitive to the near touch of our different body parts. Then, however, it hit my ceiling, walls, furniture. Seems to suddenly go out of control. The kids would scream when it went out of control because everyone was running out of the way so they didn't get nicked by the propellers. Then, it stopped charging. We replaced the batteries and it still wouldn't hold a charge for more than a minute.

Jennifer Y.


The Mini Flyer cannot be controlled and everyone in the vicinity needs to be aware of where the toy is flying. The toy broke soon after opening - due to the lack of control and it banging into objects. Cool concept, disappointing execution.

Joyce S.


The ball is pretty hardy. It hit the ceiling, went under the shelving unit and still kept on working. It was fairly easy to use but gets a little less exciting over time. A really good starter for a remote control object.

Marie-Lise H.


After the initial play, the other kids ( m9, f10, f13 ) got tired of it, but not Sebastien ( 11) he has it in his room and I hear the ball whizzing around. He learned how to control it quite well. I usually made it fly around in a frenzy until it hit something strongly enough that it would stop. It is a tough toy as it didn't break with all this abuse.

Orietta M.


definitely not a hit in our family it broke after the 3rd try and the instructions are not translated in proper English grammar


Other Adult

I like the design but it seems to be a toy that won't last long and hold the children's interest. Interesting concept with being able to raise the soccer ball with your hand, foot, elbow etc but those blades seem sharp.


Manufacturer Description

An amazing active toy. A sensor related flyer - The flyer elevate when it 'feels' a solid surface (E.g. Hand, Knee, Leg etc.) under it. You juggle it without touching it - like MAGIC! Miniature design for indoor flying. Super Infrared Control. Recharge through transmitter.

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  • Recharge through Transmitter