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Mini Pom-Pom Pets: Make your own fuzzy friends


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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It was a nice craft, my lion turned out fine, I never thought to make a pompom using a fork, good idea! The instructions were fine and the pictures helped a bit, but only in english. The glue stuck well, I did have a hard time figuring out how much was 4 yards, parts of the insturctions were in metric so I figured it out. My sister Mia (F12) failed at her fist attempt. She has no patience, she kept saying that it took too long to do, well it could not be a craft if it came out of the box all done!



I have created some PomPom puppies (previous Klutz Pom Pom book) so I was very excited to get the PomPom pets. My favourite pet was the fox and the frog:-) I spent no time at all reading the instructions as I remembered how to do those pets from before. I only looked at the book when I needed the fox tail detail and some new stuff. It was so much fun crafting my new pet. Love it!



Ohhh! Now I get it, I was cutting the middle string, now that I am more careful my next pompon turned out OK, well a little more like an oval but at least it's not falling apart. I takes a long time to do, it takes patience and you have to redo things sometimes, I hate starting again. I am almost done my owl, he is going to look very interesting.


Marie-Lise H.

I don't recommend this for kids with no patience - like Mia (F12). It was an exercise in patience and encouragement to get her to do her owl, she cut the middle string once and her ball fell apart, she needed help to remove the string off the fork. Genevieve (F15) is more patient and seeing how she created her little creatures encouraged Mia to continue. She is somewhat proud of her owl...it certainly was unique! I like crafts that use every day objects as tools. On a good note, it is easy to get more supplies, we just need yarn. Mia did finish the owl and liked her little lopsided creature.

Tammy W.

A nifty craft I have not seen the likes of before! The book had very detailed and colourful instructions and illustrations to guide you to create fuzzy animals. It's 8+ and a little too advanced for my crafty girls (7 & 5), but Ava f7 thought it was an incredibly cute craft kit. They were able to help by measuring and holding the yarn. They also did some wrapping of the yarn and adding googly eyes, beaks, tails, mouths and rosy cheeks and that was enough to satisfy them. We found that we had to be very gentle with the animals when they were done so they wouldn't fall apart, so they were more to look at than to play with. The animals with more than one Pom Pom were much more difficult to perfect. The pages are bright and colourful and instructions very easy to follow, but it's definitely not an easy craft to do. On our first try I accidentally cut the wrong string and the whole Pom Pom fell to pieces. However, we attempted the baby pig and the fox and they actually look pretty awesome. There are so many ideas in the book and the supplies are easily supplemented as they can be found at any dollar or craft store.

Allison M.

This was a great craft. My daughter (5) loves animals and my son (8) loves to make crafts so it worked out great for us. They were pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it and the kids love playing with the finished product. I was impressed with how much the finished product actually looked like the pictures. The only part my son had trouble with was the initial cutting of the Pom Poms as you had to push really hard on the scissors. Otherwise he did great. We also had a couple of Pom Poms fall apart on us but at least we could just make another.

Marta W.

We had tested Pom Pom puppies in the past and when we saw this version of the craft my daughter jumped right on it. The toy is fun and interesting and one can play with the ready pets once assembled. They are like little home made stuffies:-) really good concept and execution. Once assembled my daughter incorporates these pets into other types of pretend play. She plays with the pets once in a while and keeps on going back to them. You must be careful playing with the pet as depending on how well you had assembled them the "fur" maybe coming out of them when handled too ruff ex.: excessive pulling. But the overall quality is really good and they come out exactly as on the pictures.


Manufacturer Description

How can you make a mini-menagerie of soft, fluffy little pets? It’s as easy as twirling a dinner fork. Follow step-by-step, illustrated instructions and color-coded charts as you wrap, tie, and snip the colorful yarn into petite pom-poms. Then add eyes, a nose, ears, a tail, even rosy cheeks (with our special blush marker), to create little critters with big personalities.

This craft kit contains enough yarn for more than 20 teeny pets, along with more than 150 punch-out parts that help you create wee wildlife such as itty-bitty kitties, frogs, ducks, pigs, foxes, turtles, and more. You supply the dinner fork; we provide everything else, so that even an arts-and-crafts rookie can end up as a pom-pom professional.

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  • 270 feet of yarn in 8 colors