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Monster Cafe™


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $11.99

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It's really fun to play because I like to make matches with my monsters and their table. We can play 4 people or less. I like that you can see other people's card so you can make things harder for them like pick the table they would want to have, that is the best!



It is such a weird game. I don't play it so much because it gets boring. The monsters are gross and it's really bad to get lemon sorbet because then you have to throw in your monsters.



It is such a weird game and funny but it is way too short of a game. You want to make sure not to take a lemon sorbet or else you have to throw away your monsters.



The first game we played was totally boring, if mom would not have insisted we continue to play I would have stopped. But when I figured out the rule I found that it's kinda fun when you pick up the right table with the right food to feed the monsters in your hand, but I don't like that if you pick a table you're turn end. Some of the monsters are cutie-patooties like the sludge monster others are ugly like the nail eater, yuck...


Marie-Lise H.

It is a fun game once you get the rules down pat, but yikes did we ever have a hard time the first game. The pictures are interesting, and the names are funny. The kids (M9, F10, M11, F13) all enjoyed it.

Rebecca Y.

What a strange game! The boys (8 & 9) really enjoyed the pictures and names of the monsters and foods, which were kind of gross. There's not much strategy to this game - it's mostly luck, but it's quite a laugh. I'm not sure why lemon sorbet scares off monsters, but all I know is that I kept getting that card and I had to throw in my monsters.


Manufacturer Description

How to Play

Make a reservation for ewww at the Monster Café! Play cards to seat hungry monsters around tables filled with such revolting refreshments as Roasted Roadkill, Boiled Brains, and Stinky Sock Stew. But be careful as these monsters are extremely picky eaters. Feed them what they fancy or else they may take a bite out of your score! Oh, and whatever you do, avoid the lemon sorbet!

About This Game

We’ve never eaten at the Monster Café, but we imagine a diner’s review might go something like this: “Gross has never tasted so good” at this popular new “dive for demons” where patrons drool over the latest innovations in “queasy cuisine.” While some say the menu can be “press your luck” and is “only for those with an iron stomach”, the “fresh-off-the-floor” ingredients and “elegantly wretched” atmosphere combine for a culinary experience that literally “scares off the competition.”

Enhances the following skills: Probability, Visual Discrimination, Strategic Thinking

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