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MONSTER HIGH® Create A Monster Color Me Creepy Design Chamber

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $54.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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MONSTER HIGH!!!! I love this set. The hair comes off the doll and her arms and legs come off, too. This is because she is a monster and that makes it not creepy. I didn't understand at first how the colours changed. Then I realized that she changed to white when she was warm. We put the blue wand in the freezer and added ice to the water container. This worked well. It was hard putting the pieces together and I needed my mom to help me. I like the fact that her skin changes colour. I don't want to stop playing with this and I would like to take it to my room, but my mom is afraid I am going to spill water from the big container everywhere.



I didn't like how the colour didn't all wash off in the tumbler and we had to rub it off.


Jo M.

My girls (ages 7 and 5) were so excited to play with this Monster High Colour Me Creepy toy. Both of them have Monster High dolls and love playing with them. We worked as a team and get all the accessory pieces put together. They needed my help with a few pieces but could do most of it just by comparing it to the box. The girls shared nicely and played with this set for hours. They were impatient to have the cold stylus frozen. They also complained that the heat up stylus that needs batteries doesn't work well. Overall they said that they couldn't get the designs to look as good as they do on the box. Their favourite thing is to change the colour of her hair. They also feel that the designs don't completely come off in the tumbler so they rub them off after the tumbler. The price of this toy is more than I would be willing to pay.

Alice H.


My daughter(7) loved this toy. She got immense pleasure playing with the doll and loved the fact that she could make designs on the doll and dress. I would have given it a 10/10 but it is expensive.

Jennifer K.

Parent & Teacher

Mackenzie (F6) has enjoyed playing with this set. The designs do not come off well when placed in the tumbler and her legs end up looking really dirty until you rub them to get the designs off. There are lots of small accessories to get lost during play and the shelves and bed look very flimsy. I find the cost quite high for the functions of this doll.

Sylvie S.

Opening up the package, which might I add was absolute torture, Aliyah (F7) couldn't wait to see what she could actually do with the doll. She colored her hair, did her makeup, colored her dress, arms and legs and then returned them back to what they looked like before by throwing them in the tumbler. She did that quite a few times. This is all done with hot and cold water so NO messes! She loved trying out new designs such as writing her name on the doll and trying out various little drawings. Great play on hot and cold water. We keep this toy in the bathroom and our daughter (f7) takes it out to play every time she takes her bath. She has yet to tire of it. She loves coloring the Monster high doll and making her look different each and every time.

Kim M.

This set comes with the most amount of accessories I have seen in a long time!! Very impressive. The doll does look creepy, but this is part of the Monster High dolls and how they all look - definitely not Barbie! Meaghan loved the purple, green and white hair! The reclining bed makes these loud snap/clicking sounds that makes us think it is breaking, but it isn't - this could definitely have a smoother transition. The colour changing qualities of the doll are very exciting, but the cold colour change tube needs to set in the freezer for a few hours. The heated stylus, which is the only part that requires batteries (2 AAA), really does have some warmth at the end of the tip, but it is not too hot to the touch for little fingers. To make a design, the stylus needs to be pressed fairly hard on the dolls limbs in order to make a design, which Meaghan (F7) had to be reminded of. It does automatically turn off after about 10 minutes. The idea of taking the dolls limbs and hair off and putting them in the Tumbler amazed Meaghan. Her limbs came out of the package looking dirty and when put into the tumbler, they turn pink. Making designs on the dress is proving to be a little harder to do. After the cold colour changing pen came out of the freezer, Meaghan drew on the dolls limbs. It was very easy to draw with precision. This made such a difference! Overall, a good play set. However, the price point is fairly high.


Manufacturer Description

Monster high create-a-monster design chamber: ghouls can customize and personalize their very own monster doll from fang to toe with the create-a-monster design chamber. It comes with all the clawesome tools needed to add detail to the monster's hair, clothing and skin, like a heat tool, ice tool and a spritzer. Ghouls can take full advantage of new color-change transformational capabilities to create unique, scary cool monsters. And when the experiment is done and the monster released, everything fits into the chamber for easy storage and portability. Set includes the chamber, 1 chamber chair, 1 heat tool, 1 ice tool, 1 spritzer, 1 detailing sponge, 1 color-change wig, 1 color-change fashion, 1 pair of shoes, extra body parts to mix and match, monster-Piece for more detail, 1 color-change tumbler and 1 color-change beaker.

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