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Monsterology NUKO™


Age: 7 to 13 years

MSRP (CAD): $1.99

MSRP (USD): $1.99

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I wish it didn't crash every time I played it.



This game is fun!! I like shooting the arrows, it's hard to move my monster sometimes and I don't know what all the other tabs are for, and I can't figure out how to use the cards or get to use more monsters. But I still like it.



I have now introduced my friends (9, 10) this game and they are out looking for cards in the store. Some of the monster cards work more than once and I am not sue if this is just luck or if they are supposed to work that way but it's great. Really cool game



Well we just got the app, and I can't figure it out how to make the game work, it's very complicated. I had to reboot the App twice because it was stuck. I really looks like it would be fun to play.


Jo M.

This is an awesome concept but we couldn't get it working well. We downloaded the app onto an ipad and ipod. To get your characters you load your cards by scanning them....what a cool idea!!!!! My son had some trouble loading the cards onto the ipad so I helped...you have to move them just right for them to load. It was almost impossible to get them loaded onto his ipod. We got a couple on but just not able to get them all. My son played but got frustrated because he kept getting kicked out. He managed to get past level 1 but it kept crashing again in level 2 so he lost interest. My husband tried as well but he didn't have luck either. He felt the graphics seemed low quality as well. It really is an awesome concept but wished it would've worked properly for us. It has not be played since the first few attempts.


Manufacturer Description

Monsterology NUKO™, based on the New York Times bestselling Ology book series, combine a collectible card game with a turn-based strategy game App where kids (and adults!) collect, train, trade, and play with 3D mythological creatures such as Unicorns, Cyclops, and Sea Serpents, all in a quest to become “Master Monsterologists.” NUKOTM now available at Apple Stores and Toys 'R Us plus select Target and Walmart stores.

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