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More Cool Metallics Coloring & ARTivity Book

Creativity for Kids/Faber-Castell

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99




I didn't really like this toy. I coloured a few pictures in the book but the colours were not bright enough for me. There needs to be more flowers.



Some pages are cool but a lot of them i dont like. The colours dont show good on the papers and there is not enough colours. I cant even draw on the pages. I only like the cars pages.


Jennifer L.

The concept, description and picture for this book make it sound appealing but what a disappointment! If you've ever used metallic gel pens or markers on black paper then you will find that this doesnt even come close to a similar result. You can barely see the color on the paper which makes it difficult to color in the lines (which is such an important aspect of coloring for both Kael (m8) and Olivia (f6). Both were excited about the cool designs to choose from but were disappointed with the end result of their drawings. I took out their regular crayons in light colors (yellow, white, lime green, aqua, etc.)and found that they showed up better on the paper. The metalic pencils that come with the book do have some pearlecent qualities but not enough to really wow my kids.

Julianne B.


Neither of my kids liked this toy. My older daughter (9) had absolutely no interest in doing any of it and my younger daughter (5) coloured in a few pages and then put it away. I liked the fact that the pencils came in a pouch that was attached to the book.

Tammy W.


The colouring book is different and interesting because the pages are mostly black and you colour in the white areas, however the colours are not very bright. I love the zippered case that is attached and holds the crayons but a sharpener would be great too. Blaze m6 was excited at first since the cover and first few pages showed cars and motorcycles and he did colour a few pages but it didnt hold his interest for long. He really didnt like the pages where there are repetitive patterns to colour or puppets to make. He also wanted to draw on the black parts but the colours wipp not show up. Ava f4 tried it out and wasnt interested.


Manufacturer Description

Created by artists for kids to encourage expression. Features spiral binding, 24 pages of black specialty paper for use with metallic pencils and 5 metallic Eco-Pencils in a reusable pouch.

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