Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

A novel new modelling compound with intriguing properties. Our kid testers loved how it molds solid and with super fine detailing, yet can also be fluffed into a soft flowing texture. Mesmerizing!




I like that you get to squeeze it and make stuff with it. I like stretching and floating it. If you have a lot of colors, you can make lots of creations with it. It's nice to morph the morph, to feel how soft it is inside. I wish it came with more colors, I only had one. When I first work with it, it was too hard. Mommy had to make it softer before I could play with it.



It's too hard for me, Mommy. Let's play Play Doh.



It's squishy and fluffy!


Sandra W.

F6 and F8 enjoyed playing with this toy because it was different than regular play-doh or clay. There was more variety to the product (for example: floats, stretches, bounces). It had a nice soft feel to it too. F6 lamented that it would have been more fun if at least 2 colors came in the kit. She liked the sample picture on the cover of the box but it would require more than one color to complete. The novelty wore off over time. F6 lamented that she would have liked more than one color to play with at the same time. It needed to be worked with a bit before it was easy enough for F6 to use. She tried to work it without my help and said it was very hard to do. Different aged kids could play with the same toy because even F8 was interested in playing with it. We stored the product in our own ziploc bag. It came in a plastic bag but it was not resealable. I like that it stood up to play, but found it slightly overpriced.

Marcy J.

My son (3.5 yo) loves playing with Play Doh, so he was very excited to try this toy. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to work with the material easily, and he lost interest immediately. He was never willing to try again. A 5+ recommended might be more appropriate. I'm not sure how strong kids needs to be in order to work this properly. I loved the idea of this toy, and it seems to me that it has the potential to be cleaner than Play Doh. Once I worked with the material for a time, it seemed to stick together better than Play Doh. That said, it came sealed in a plastic bag but there was no way to store it inside a plastic bag once you opened it. I'm not sure whether that was necessary or not, but it would have been nice to have a storage container for it.

Ruth B.

I am slowly warming up to this craft. Initially, we were not so sure, as it is very crumbly when it is first opened. But with use, the craft material is becoming easier (more familiar) to use. The play is about equal to the use of similar craft materials, so interest was not lost within the testing period. I am not sure I like it over play dough, although it does not dry out, so that may be a bonus. There is nothing specially outstanding about this craft material. It is unique, which makes it fun to use. This craft is just fine and works as indicated on the box. It is a fun idea and unique.

Christina B.

Evan (M3) loved playing with Morph. I loved the textures you can get from the toy. Evan did, too, and he thought it was great that we could roll it into a ball and it bounced. When I first opened the package, the Morph clay was hard, and in lots of pieces. The texture felt similar to a pool noodle, and I wasn't sure how it would work. But the more we squished it and warmed it up, the more it all stuck together and felt more like a firm play dough. It was easy to mold. What I found really neat was when you pulled it apart, the texture became soft, light and fluffy, like cotton candy. A very cool sensory toy! Evan wanted to make a dog, and what was awesome was we could mold the body of the dog, and then we made different body parts fluffy by adding stretched out Morph clay. It's great for fine motor skill development. I also think it would be a great stress reliever in an office - it can be squished like a stress ball, but I especially liked the fluffiness when you pulled it apart. Very cool. I also like that it says it never dries out on the box (though we haven't tested it long enough yet to know for sure)


Manufacturer Description

Morph™ is the shape shifting fluff that does all the stuff – It shapes, it builds, it bounces, it even floats! is a super light, super fun sensory sensation. It’s the coolest compound that you’ll have to feel to believe. And the longer kids play with it, the softer and fluffier it gets. Morph can even fluff up to three times its original size. Available in Six colors: Sunburst Yellow, Electric Purple, Ultra Pink, Atomic Orange, Sonic Green and Blue Surf.