Age: 10 years and up

Production Status: Coming Soon

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Play Tested Review

Our favourite new game this year! In the basic game, players pick up and discard trying to collect simple poker-style sets, with which they can challenge other players to earn points designated of the action cards. The player with the best hand (not necessarily the challenger) wins those points. We love how this game uses basic poker hands to create an entirely unique new game, but makes this game truly stand out is the Travel Guide booklet that offers 14 pages of increasingly complex game options.




I like that there are lots of choices you can make in the game to try and win. The game was easy to learn and I liked that it only about 15 minutes to play. I liked trying to bluff to see if I could win the poker game. You can play it lots of times and it is different each time. I wish that there were more poker hand choices you could use like a straight or a flush instead of just number of cards of the same kind. I liked how you could trade in your hand if you didn't like your cards. I think the game doesn't have to be 10+ but that 8+ kids could handle it too. It was funny that you won by being the worst villain which is opposite of normal games.


Allison M.

This game was fun to play, easy to learn and each game only takes about 15 minutes. It was an interesting idea to be the villain rather then the hero in the game. I liked that as you got further up in the game then losing the poker hands would set you back further making it easier for people behind to catch up if someone gets ahead. As cards are familiar to most players then the concept of matching hands was easy to follow and fun to play. I also liked that you had the option of resetting your hand with some bonus cards if you didn't like what you had. It was also fun that you could use bluffing in this game if you could convince others that you must have the best hand and they shouldn't bother trying to challenge you. My 11 year old son liked that idea and thought it funny when sometimes he won the round when he didn't actually have very good cards. I liked that there were a variety of male and female characters in the game and the old west theme was cute. It's an easy game to teach friends when they come over too. The characters stood up well and the pieces were all solidly made. I like that the game helps teach about strategy and odds. You could evaluate your odds of winning vs. your opponents and strategically plan out your move to either get money, get new cards or pick the best poker hand option (number of cards) to use. The only suggestion we had was that it would be fun for the larger hands (like the 4 card options) if you could also use straights or flushes to win rather than just pairs, 3 or 4 of a kind.


Manufacturer Description

Most Wanted is a very simple western-themed game designed to rustle-up notorious friends and family around the table. All you need is a hankering to take risks, the guts to double-cross, and the desire to bluff a man out of his saddle. Most Wanted blends the strategic risk-taking of a wild-west poker game with the simple thrill of being a notorious outlaw. Playing the highest card - or bluffing with the worst - could mean the difference between a successful train robbery or spending time in the slammer. Players can repent at church to make a new start, or even work some honest labor (gasp!) for bail money. Be the first player to reach 13 points and claim the dubious honor of being MOST WANTED! Most Wanted is great for large groups because it keeps everyone involved at all times (even when it’s not your turn). It takes 15 minutes to play with 2 players, and about 30 minutes with 8 players.


  • 1 Score Board

  • 72 Playing Cards

  • 8 Player Tokens with Standees

  • 63 Money Bag Tokens

  • 6 Action Ti