Age: 4 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $39.99

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The concept behind this toy is ultracool: a record player with a sensor in the needle that reads the colour below and translates it to a musical note. As it reads the sequence of notes spinning beneath it, you hear a melody. Unfortunately, the music generated is choppy and lots of notes get missed rendering the melody at times unrecognizable. It doesn't help that the colouring task is far too intricate for most four year olds. But our testing kids didn't seem to care. To them the magic really is hearing their coloured patterns tuned into music - any music. On the upside, the disks are cleverly designed to incorporate the necessary spiral sequence of colour-notes, but still look like a picture that reflects the theme of the song. Note that this colouring activity not only involves a pre-printed design, but pre-selected colour choices as well. This may seem a little rigid to younger children used to free-form colouring. But for older kids who understand why they're copying it exactly right (like a code), the experience can be pretty magical.



Jen S.


A great concept but I think the age limit is too young. My son had a difficult time staying within the lines, and we tested one of the easier versions. The song didn't come out as it should due to this. There is no way to correct your mistakes so you could make improvements. I liked that it had some blank sheets so you could get creative with music if you are interested. I didn't like how a couple of the colours were very similar and that you had to use these particular markers. What happens if a cap is left off and it is dried up? The record player is a cute idea, parents will love it. I'm not sure if the design is better suited for parents or kids though. Many of the kids today wouldn't know what a record player was.


Manufacturer Description

The first coloring activity that turns color into music! Musicolor is a display of innovative technology mixed with a classic coloring activity. The music player unit is modeled after the classic record player, the technology, however, is anything but classic. The Musicolor music player consists of a rotating base and an arm for reading the music discs, much the same as a DVD player reads a DVD. The arm scans over the colored areas of the music disc rotating on the music player, reads the color and translates it to sound. The player also has three piano, violin and trumpet. Using the pre-printed coloring discs, simply color in the spaces according to the letter printed in the area, when you are done, the disc will play the song for the scene you have just colored! If you really want to be creative, use the blank song discs and create your own songs from scratch! Kids receive the fun and reward of coloring a picture, which is magically transformed into music! A combination of art and music that any child can proudly share with their parents, family and friends!

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  • 14 pre-printed song disks (including Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory Dock, Three Blind Mice, Old MacDonald, London Bridge and more.)