Age: 3 years and up

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My favourite part is choosing all of the things I want to stick on the mask. My friends and I all got to put on a mask and act out a play afterwards, it was lots of fun.



I like the crazy hair on my mask, it looks so silly!


Christina B.

This was a great yet simple craft that Lily, 3 1/2, could easily do with minimal help. She only needed help stringing the "hair" through the holes. She enjoyed this craft so much that she wanted to make all 6 masks right away, one after the other. I thought it was cute that there were different shapes of masks, and of course different colours. The only thing I would change is to add more, longer strands of yarn for the hair, and to make enough eye decoration stickers for each mask (there are 6 masks but only 4 stickers with eye holes). She still plays with the masks she created.

Tammy W.

This was a fun craft to do, with a lot of stickers and jewels for all 6 masks. The stickers are separated from each other and easy to peel off and I love the elastic on the mask - it was a thick and comfortable elastic, not the cheap rubbery ones you normally find on kids masks. The elastics sometimes pull out but are easily fitted back in. The kids (F3 & F5) loved using their imagination to create their own silly masks, and I helped them out with the wool hair. The instructions really helped because it tells you to use the stickers to hold the wool in place at the back of the mask. The girls loved the jewels and everything seems to be sticking great. The shape fits well over their faces. This would make for a perfect birthday party craft idea. For us, it passed the time on a rainy day!

Julie J.

A great craft that easily transitions into imaginative playtime for the kids. I initially wondered if this craft would be "too young" for our 6 and 8 year old girls but both of them LOVED making the masks. We invited 2 friends over and let them design and create their own masks. There were lots of extra supplies included to allow kids to be creative with their designs, although the girls were a bit disappointed that their kit didn't include the eye shapes shown on the box. Your have to be careful about where you place the sticker on the felt mask because if you make a mistake you can't peel the sticker off easily. The masks are surprisingly sturdy, and fit all of their faces very well. They have stood up well as the weeks go by - we haven't had any pieces fall off, despite being used regularly - and have become part of their dress-up play a few times each week. Would make a great birthday gift or craft to complete during a birthday party. No glueing or cutting required.


Manufacturer Description

Perfect for preschoolers, this no-mess mask kit will provide hours of play and pretend. No glue or scissors needed! Includes 6 soft felt masks with foam backing, peel and press felt stickers, adhesive back rhinestones and decorative yarn. Fosters important preschool skills including: color and shape recognition, fine motor development, creativity and pretend play.

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