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My First Sticky Mosaics® Princess (#63641)

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Sparkles and pretty pictures you can hang on your wall made this a very popular craft activity. It's not unusual for kids to work at this for long stretches, but even those wanting quick sessions found it easy to put away and come back to. A terrific rainy day activity to do with friends. 




This is a fun craft and it's for boys too.  The jewels are the funnest thing.  There's so many stickers so it takes a long time but we didn't need any help.  It's too bad there's no more pictures because there's so many stickers left.  Maybe mom can buy some more at the store. 



can i put jewels everywhere maman?  they sparkle the best!

can i do the princess and the castle and the frog and do it again?! 

they stick to my fingers, look!



"This is beautiful".

I want to do the princess first.  Can I do this by myself?  Can I use any of the stickers?

  Can I do another one when I'm finished?




This was a fun craft.  I had my friend over and we did the princess and the frog.  We had a lot of fun.

I had left over stickie shapes that I used on another picture. 



Can I do this one again,Mommy?   Why not?  I really like this one.



When asked to play she said "no thanks..to hard" (I think it was hard for her to pay attention that long!)



I love princesses. I love making these. I wish there we more to do in the box. Mom can you buy me another one? Which one is your favorite? I like them all. Can I hang one in my bedroom?



I like all the princess pictures.  I like the stickers that I put on.

Keely Giffin


I want to do it myself!

Is it jewel time?



Can I put on a jewel now?



I love them. I like the shiny jewels and the shapes. The princess is my favourite.



 It's so pretty!  I love the jewels!    I like pink and purple and I like the princess the best.  She has yellow hair and lots of jewels!  I did it all by myself!  I want to hang it in my bedroom!  Can we do more?  The jewels are shiny and there's lots and lots and LOTS of stickers.



The sparkly jewels are my favourite!


Domenica B.


I was pleased and impressed by the fact that my 4yr old daughter was able to sit and work independently for over 30 minutes.  The mosaic stickers were very vibrant and appealing. 


Jo M.


This is a wonderful craft! It comes with 4 projects that were all very appealing to my 3 year old. Hailee's first pick was the princess castle. There are shapes and colours to match up which was fun and easy for Hailee. The colours are nice and bright and have a glimmer to them. It was a little hard to determine what shade of pink or purple to use since on the project board they looked very similar but if you mess them up it doesn't matter as long as you mess it up consistently. Hailee had no trouble taking the stickers off the paper and putting them in the right spot but sometimes was frustrated because she would try to do more than one at the same time and they would end up being stuck together. Overall it this is a great craft since it is virtually mess free, can be transported easily, was extremely appealing and as a mom I like that it encourages practicing colour and shape recognition. All four projects were completed within a week.

Julie J.


These types of crafts are always a hit in our house. The fact that you match the colour and the shapes as opposed to reading instructions for the craft means even the youngest of kids can manage it on their own.

Julianne B.


I liked this craft.  It was simple and easy for 4 year olds to do on their own.  It  was a low mess toy.

I liked the fact that is came with little picture hooks so you could hang up the works of art once they were done.

Pam W.


Although this craft is fantastic for keeping the child's interest while comleting the task, it does lack long-term appeal as my daughter did not pay much attention to the pictures once they were complete...they stayed in the box for some time until she pretended to give them away, but immediately wanted them back again...to be put back in the box...lol. 

Jennifer L.


I would definetaly recommend this craft kit. My daughter has actually requested for me to buy her the same one again. I think it is her favorite craft kit ever done. Good job1

Brenna C.


This was a great art activity that kept my child busy for long periods of time.  I was impressed by the concept, age-appropriateness and the overall look of the finished product.

Lisa G.


I really like this toy to get her into mosaics down the road but the truth is she doesn't have the attention span to finish it.  She liked the pictures and pulled about 15 shapes off and stuck them to the board then she got distracted.  She has had access to it for a few weeks but hasn't picked it up again.  Cute activity...and I thought it would keep her busy for a long time but it didn't work.  Maybe when she's over 4 she will pay attention to this mosaic type of craft longer. 

Susan K.


An excellent project-based toy for little girls!  Not messy, easy clean up, great for small kids learning their colours & shapes, & stickers are always a popular hit for kids!  This is a project that they can work on with minimal parent-assistance.  Jewels add an extra special appeal to the stickers.  And one can "show off" their completed project at the end.

Tammy W.


Loved, loved, loved this craft! Ava (F3) was able to do the craft entirely on her own, and she shared half of it with her brother Blaze (M5). The frog and castle weren't too "girly" for him. It's a craft that takes a good while to complete which teaches the children patience. The dark pink stickers could have been considered purple and almost threw us off a few times. The kids saved the jewels until the end because they were the most fun to stick on and were oh so pretty! There are quite a few leftover stickers which was great in case we needed them, and could be used to add on to the mosaic or place on other papers. It's great that they have hangers to hang them on their bedroom walls (and Ava has a princess themed bedroom so they would fit right in!) They wanted to do more mosaics after the four were complete. The craft also teaches hand eye coordination and to take your time to make something special. The kids really had to concentrate in order to not overlap the pieces. I enjoyed sitting with them and watching them share the stickers and compliment each other's creations.

Cathy M.


Fantastic neat craft to do at home or carry around on visits or play dates.  Although my daughter does not sit with the craft for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, it is very easy to put away and come back to on a rainy day.  Some colours are difficult to tell apart, and the stickers do not always stick well to the paper.  But overall it is a really good craft and worth the price.

Stacie C.


Cait really enjoyed this craft. She loved that she could be successful at it and have the final product look the way she wanted it to. This is an activity that can grow with her as her fine motor skills develop. At 3 she was working on matching the shapes and colours and as she gets older she can start to work on orienting the pieces accurately.

Pamwe W.


As soon as my daughter saw the box, she asked right away to play with it.  Once we opened the box, it was pure bliss for her for over an hour worth of play time.  We had to make her put it away when it came time for bed, as she was having so much fun putting the stickers to the craft.  It was fun for both us as we took turns to choose colours while the other one put the craft together.  She especially liked the jewels that came as part of the princess theme and wanted to use all those pieces first in the pictures.

She liked the photos that were used and couldn't wait to finish them and when she finished all 4, she wanted to take the stickers off so we could do it all again. 

The theme and nature of this toy was of high interest to my daughter(aged 3.5 yrs), and kept her engaged for a couple of hours with minimal assistance required by the parent.


Manufacturer Description


My First Sticky Mosaics® will dazzle any pre-schooler with sparkling tiles and jewels! With My First Sticky Mosaics, young children can create their designs by matching simple colours and shapes, instead of a numbered legend.  Little princesses will love this magical kit!  Mosaic a castle, frog prince, a sparkly shoe or pretty princess.  Complete with 4 fun projects and over 700 colourful sticky foam and sparkling jewel pieces, girls can create beautiful artwork.  Turn any bedroom or playroom into a princess palace by hanging the finished masterpieces on the wall. 

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