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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Our testers loved feeding and mothering Pinkie Pie, despite that the learn to walk function was a disappointment. None of our them were successful in holding Pinkie upright while she takes her first steps. 




Baby's hungry. Mommy feed you.



Mommy, I'm helping her walk! It's just like Izzy, but I am her mommy!



She loves the food I give her.  She even burps and laughs!  I like to hold her and give her hugs, but she wiggles her legs a lot and it tickles me.


Jennifer S.


My almost three year old daughter initially loved this toy. She brushed the hair and could easily manipulate the buttons. She played with it and carried it around easily. She never figured out how to get Pinkie to walk up-right. She is a little young for that concept. She got bored with it after a few weeks. It is a cute toy, but, I would purchase it for an older child. I think a 3 or 4 year old might appreciate it more.

Cathy M.


My 3 year old daughter has been very motherly with her. The main negative for us is that the "learn to walk" feature has only frustrated my daughter. She wonders why her legs move when she is holding her and why she won't walk when she puts her down. After reading the instructions, I realised that the pony does not actually walk, you are supposed to hold her arms up while she tries to walk. Difficult to do and not appealing to my daughter at all.

Krista M.


My 16m old daughter preferred this toy much more then my 3 yr old. The Pony has great colours and her voice is easy enough to listen to. SHe only takes 3 or 4 steps however, so the "walking" aspect isn't quite there enough for my 3 yr old. My 16m old likes to cuddle and feed the pony a lot though. The bottle once put in does not fall out and the spoon is small enough to easily fit into little hands.

Susan K.


This toy attracted my daughters' attention from the get-go. It "talked" & made noise while it was still inside the box under a "test" function (switch in back). It does take a while to remove the box with all the twist ties. It comes with a spoon, a food plate & a pacifier. The mouth has a tiny button that presses in & the "baby" responds with words. The baby speaks frequently & will constantly engage my daughter. But continues to do so even after she has left her somewhere. She moves her legs to "walk" but she can't really walk even when both hands are held. It would've been great if she did.


Manufacturer Description


Soft little PINKIE PIE doll needs your love and care! Hold her hands while she “learns” how to walk!

“Look, I can walk!” is what your PINKIE PIE pony will say to you when you hold her hands and help her “learn” to walk. And when she’s “hungry,” you might hear her say, “More, please!” She will pretend to eat from her spoon and bowl or pretend to drink from her bottle. If she doesn’t seem “hungry,” try giving your pony her pacifier instead. Walking, talking, snuggling and “eating” – it’s a busy day for you and your SO SOFT PINKIE PIE “LEARNS TO WALK” pony. Imagine all the fun you can have again tomorrow!

Includes pony doll, bottle, pacifier, bowl and spoon.

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Item: 29208

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