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My Little Pony Wedding Castle Playset

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

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For most of our testing familes, this playset inspired daily and long standing play value. In fact, the set was awarded high marks from our testing parents, despite the usual complaints for this type of toy - stuff falling off during play and too many tiny accessory pieces that just end up getting lost. The whole party atmostphere at this pony wedding really appealed to our little testers ongoing imaginative play scenarios. 




The pony needs her crown to get married. All her friends want to see her become a princess and marry the prince.



"I will be the princess and you can be the prince" "they are getting married- she has a veil" "my favorite part is the drawbridge"



This is a fun toy. My ponies love their wedding.



I love my pony castle. Pinkie pie loves to swing!



"My ponies had lots of parties in their castle with all their friends. I had a hard time keeping the crowns on the ponies so my Barbies work them instead.


Lisa G.


Initially interest was high for this toy. She (Zahra 4) hasn't played with it lately. If I instigate some play she will play. She uses the prince and princess ponies all the time separate from the castle. The castle itself has some nice interactive features but at the end of the day it's only the front half of a castle. An accompanying storybook might be an idea to give her some more ideas for playing. I also liked the drawbridge, swing and upper level for playing.

Shannon C.


I'm tied as to my opinion on this toy. I love it's concept and the scope for imagination it potentially possesses. My concern is how easily it breaks apart. Numerous times during play I have to help them put it back together and reassemble. It also ones apart in storage rather easily which makes it easy to loose parts

Krista M.

My daughters (2 & 3) were immediately drawn to this pony castle and their interest kept up the entire testing period. For the play value we got out of this toy, it's a great price! My daughters have brought some of their own ponies to add to the set and enjoy playing with it, dressing the ponies in the wedding outfit and playing in the castle. They are less frustrated now with the pieces coming off and now either try to fix it themselves, or ask for help without being upset.

Julianne B.

"It is a very pricey toy for what you get, but it represented good value for us as my daughter (5) played with this toy everyday through out the entire testing period. The toy came with 2 ponies -but she added some of her ponies as well as other figures.


Manufacturer Description

Your PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR pony friends are thrilled to share this special day with you. Help them into their clothes and crowns and prepare the beautiful castle for the party – then open the castle door to welcome their guests! (Additional pony figures sold separately.)

Castle playset comes with bride and groom pony figures, butterfly, comb, 2 teacups, teapot, wedding cake, table, bouquet, piano, purse, tuxedo, groom crown, bride crown, dress, 2 rings, necklace, chandelier and sticker labels. 

The MY LITTLE PONY PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE playset features exclusive 3-inch figures of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR, only available in this playset. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

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  • Wedding castle play set comes with bride and groom pony figures and lots of accessories