Age: 8 years and up

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For the most part, our testing families enjoyed this game. Having tiny shiney foil-wrapped 3D presents really enhanced the appeal. Unfortuantely, all families reported that at least one - and oftern several - of the presents came unwrapped, leaving an unappealing styrofoam block in it's place.  And, being so small, they were difficult to get properly re-wrapped again, which was especially annoying given the somewhat premium price of the game. A shame, because it is otherwaise a fun game.




I thought this game would be really cool when I saw the inside of the box and when I saw all these miniature sized presents. I thought the small ones were especially cute.  Then when I read the very kid friendly instructions I also thought it was going to be fun. I especially really like the cheating rule!  Then when we finally played it, I found it was very boring. The game took about 5 minutes and wasn’t the least bit enticing. I found it was way too childish and easy.  I think the age on the game was all wrong, I think that even an eight year old wouldn’t find the 5 minute game interesting either, so that is why I think that the game should be a 3 plus (just for the little presents!). But then I found that if I change it up a little bit to make the game longer and more interesting. Like say I would change the number of small presents you have to exchange to get a  medium is 4 instead of 3 and for medium to silver changes from 2 to 3 and to win the game it isn’t 3, it is 5 silver presents!!! After I made up those rules it was a really fun game to play and I wanted to play it over and over again. So that is why I give it a 6 because it is both bad and good but mostly good! 



it is very fun to play. every game is so much fun since you have different cards and you are playing with different people.



This is great!  It's so easy to learn, my little brother who doesn't read english can play..well I have to read some cards for him but still, it's fun.  it's a card game and there are can't go wrong!



I really like this game, it's fun, the presents are great to get.  I like the big shiny silver ones.  I didn't give it a 10 because the presents where opening by themselves and it's not the same to play with a styrofoam square.




I love getting lots of presents!! This is fun



 really like playing this game.  There are lots of different cards to play and it's like Uno, but it's not, there are presents.  I like the little ones, sometimes we make believe there actually is something in them.  Even when I lost the game I still felt like I won because of the gifts.  I don't like that some of the gifts get unwrapped by themselves.



I like the variety of cards because you don't have the same cards over and over.  I like that there are not only good cards but bad cards.  You are supposed to get gold presents in the box but there weren't any so we had to use something else.  The game is fun!



I love getting lots of presents!! This is fun!



I really like this game, it's fun, the presents are great to get.  I like the big shiny silver ones.  I didn't give it a 10 because the presents where opening by themselves and it's not the same to play with a styrofoam square.



I like this game. It is fun to trade presents for bigger presents. There is a card called "No Way Bucko" that is my favourite. It means that you can block someone from taking your presents.


Laurie T.


Zoe (F11) was quite excited to play this game.  When she opened it up she was quite dissappointed to find that a couple of the presents'wrappings had come off.  She had to play with them just as styrofoam boxes which didn't have the same appeal.  Her and her friend played and after interrpretting the instructions (which took some time), they started.  The game still seemed exciting at that point.  After less than 5 minutes, I heard, "is that it?'  They had finished.  Instead of packing the game up, they decided to incorporate some different rules to make the game harder.  With their new rules in place they sat and played the game for quite a while.  I think that the game must be geared for a much younger age than what it states on the box

Marie-Lise H.


udging from the amount of laughter I heard from the kids playing this game it is a winner for sure!  The rules are really simple, the gifts are quite colorful, sad that some of the wrapping gets undone, I could try and rewrap them but they won't look like the others but  they can still be played with.

Krista M.


I played this game with my husband and mother and we all found it very slow moving. I tried again later with younger cousins, both male and female, varying ages from 10-14 and everyone still found it slow, not competitive. It was suggested to be able to play multiple cards at once, rather then only one card per round per person. The presents are very poorly designed, and fall apart too easily. Some of the instructions on the cards were not clear enough, so the wording could be changed a little to leave less room for interpretation.

Scott M.


Fun game. There is some strategy and some luck involved. I would recommend it as a good family game.

Jo M.


We had a great time playing this game. The instructions are well written and it was easy for everyone to learn the rules. Connor (age 6) wasn't able to read all of the cards so initially needed some help but once he became familiar with the cards he played independently without any trouble. We played a few times. The games lasted between 10 and 25 minutes which is great so we managed to play a few times. The quality of the cards is great and the box it came in is durable. Unfortunately a couple of the presents became unwrapped during play and they are difficult to tie up since they are so small. We played 5 games and 2 presents were undone. It is nice to play a game that you can play with 2 players since so many games need 3 players.

Joyce S.

My kids (f9 & f13) really enjoyed this game. The idea of trading little presents for bigger ones is one kids can relate too and the presents being actual little wrapped packages is really cute. We did have to rewrap one present.


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Be the first to collect 3 large silver presents! Whoever said it's better to give than to receive never played My Precious Presents! In this game it is ALWAYS better to receive. This gift exchange is anything but civilized, mischief abounds as everyone races to collect the biggest presents. Remember to keep your eyes on your pile of presents or else you'll end up with none!

Play revolves around managing and protecting your presents while sabotaging other players efforts. There are 120 cards in the deck, so a good variety of actions, reactions and other game play is possible. You will have to pay close attention to other players victory conditions as once they are met the game is over.

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  • 30 Small presents (6 Gold, 6 Blue, 6 Red, 6 Green and 6 Purple)