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My Superhero Starter Kit


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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You get to make your own superhero suit, and that there's a real cape and a belt, mask, and cuffs you can wear. I like the toy because I like decorating it and wearing it, and playing dress-up with it. I don't like that there is only one belt and cape, even though there are 3 choices. 2 people can make one but only one badge that can fit on the belt.



I'm making a robot superhero, and I'm putting fire on it because it looks cool.


Sandra W.

F5 and F7 enjoyed making their own super hero masks and power cuffs. They wore the masks and cuffs alot the first day but never used them again after that. The cape has been used many more times though. F5 and F7 liked being able to design their own masks and cuffs with the emblems that came with the kit. All kids like to be super heroes! We received this kit close to Halloween so they were eager to design some costume accessories. The emblems could be easily punched out so not cutting required. Also, the kit came with foam tape squares so no messy gluing required. It is rated 4+. F5 needed some help with removing the foam tape to stick the emblems on and F7 was happy to help her. Both F5 and F7 needed help to tie a string to the mask. Kids of different ages would enjoy this kit.

Christina B.

Evan (m5) enjoyed making one superhero, but the craft itself is mainly just sticking cardboard forms to masks and emblems. Evan enjoys crafts, so seemed to like creating his first superhero, but it wasn't anything exceptional. I don't like that the masks are made of cardboard instead of felt or a softer material, which makes it uncomfortable for the kids to wear. Evan spent time creating the superhero mask, but didn't wear it for long. The belt buckle piece is made of cardboard and you stick other cardboard to it to create the emblem belt buckle. But the kit comes with 3 emblems to create, but only one buckle to stick them on. I haven't tried it, but I feel like it would rip or become not sticky anymore if you try and change the emblem on the belt. It was very kid-friendly, but I think it was a bit easy for the age intended. There could have been more to it to make it a bit more challenging. My son seemed to enjoy making this craft, but didn't wear it for more than 2 minutes, probably because the parts were cardboard and uncomfortable. However, he seems eager to make more masks, emblems and cuffs. I think he enjoys the process of sticking things to them more than actually wearing the result!


Manufacturer Description

Calling all superheroes! Perfect for pretend play, this starter kit includes an oh-so-shiny red cape along with masks and a belt to hide your child's secret identity. Wrist shields and punch-out decorations provide plenty of options for your one-of-a-kind super kid. There's more action-packed fun in the included idea book, to help kids imagine their storyline, devise their superhero name and discover their super powers. My Superhero Starter Kit is everything your child needs to save the day!


  • 26-page book page book of instructions & inspiration

  • 1 Red satin cape

  • 1 Fabric belt

  • 1 Paper belt buckle

  • Satin ribbon 32 in (81 cm)

  • 78 Punch-out decorative pieces

  • Sheet of Foam tape squares