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My Virtual Fashion Show


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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I like to colour. I'm really bad at drawing dresses so I'm glad that it is already there and you just colour it. On the app the colours of the dress I coloured look really light. The ones that are already done are brighter. It is really hard to get the iPad mini in the correct place to take the picture. It takes me a bit of time to line it up correct. The girls that walk have all the things they need to look good like different hairstyles and shoes. It looks like a movie. She walks sexy.



I really like to colour the dresses and create fun designs. I can see it on dad's phone after and the girls wearing my dresses move. I like that we can get more pages than what is in the case.



This is the best toy I have ever tested!! It is so much fun. I downloaded the app right away and you can play with the app only or with the fashion designs that you create. So, it comes with like a sketch pad with pictures of models and you colour their dresses. You can colour the front and the back. It comes with the pencil crayons, which are really good and a case that holds everything. After you are done with your design, you scan it with your ipod and then the model with your exact design walks and poses down the runway. It is so cool! And, you can put your name up on the runway. You have the model pose and take a picture. We emailed our models and dresses to my mom's email and she printed them out. This is awesome! I did it with my friend and we both loved it.


Kimq M.


A great toy that has held Meaghan's interest. Easy to download the app and intuitive to play. Comes with pencil crayons included in a nice carrying folder. Price is very reasonable. After the paper designs are done, I believe more can be downloaded. The integration of good old fashion colouring and imagination mixed with technology is fantastic!

Cathy M.


I really like the mix of traditional colouring and new technology that this toy offers. We try to minimize time playing with electronic toys for our 6 year old daughter, and so this is perfect. She gets to draw on paper and then see it come alive. App was easy to download on iPhone but would be better on an iPad for larger viewing. Does not work with tablets that have Windows operating system. Great idea to offer more pages on the website with a code. A bit expensive, but a fun toy/app overall.

Orietta M.

Okay the colouring and neat package was great. I like how you can carry the book in a plastic kit. There aren't enough holders for all the pencil crayons that is strange! We haven't figured out how to download the app. We discovered the app, went on it and it didn't allow us to download the app. I have to get my husband to try. It was very strange so after colouring and making a few designs we figured we can do the fashion show and then got stuck in the downloading of the app on my tablet...technology at its best.

Jennifer Y.

Chloe (F6) was really excited to get My Virtual Fashion Show up and running. I had no problems downloading the app to our iPad mini and scanning the unlock code. Chloe coloured a dress, lined up the guides and snapped a photo on the iPad - and a fashion show began. Very cool! We were able to figure out how to change what city the show took place in and what models were included in the show. We could not figure out how to change the model's hair and accessories the first time we tried, but Chloe (F6) easily found the accessories the second time she did a style. She was able to change hairstyle, hair colour, eye type, accessories (bracelets, handbags, briefcases, phones, glasses) and shoe colour. The included booklet comes with 20 fashions but you are able to print more from the app.

Kim M.

A terrific hit in our house. I think the thrill was the immediacy of seeing their own fashion creation transformed into an electronic version. Meaghan, aged 8, and her friend spent at least 2 hours playing with this. They loved being able to create their own design and then see it immediately transformed into an electronic version on the ipod. They saw their creation walking down the virtual runway and posing. They could customize their model's hair colour and other features. They even customized music for their runway show.


Manufacturer Description

My Virtual Fashion Show from Crayola lets kids draw their own fashion designs and try them out on a virtual model. With an app designed for iOS and Android devices, My Virtual Fashion Show animates the creative inspirations of the next generation of style icons.

Watch Custom Fashion Designs Come to Life: My Virtual Fashion Show from Crayola lets kids draw their own fashion designs and try them out on a virtual model. With an app designed for iOS and Android devices, My Virtual Fashion Show animates the creative inspirations of the next generation of style icons.

Build a Fashion Portfolio with Crayola Color: Kids challenge themselves creatively as they use brilliant Crayola colored pencils to design and draw chic attire in the 20-page fashion sketchbook. When the looks are ready, it's easy to showcase their creations with digital devices in a virtual fashion show. Assemble a polished portfolio to share with friends.

Get Your Designs on the Runway with a Virtual Model: After designers put the finishing touches on a fashion project, snap a photo with an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android device (not included). Then use the Fashion Designer app to put your designs in motion on a virtual runway. My Virtual Fashion Show encourages imaginative play and showcases talent.

Package Contents: Fashion portfolio, 20-page fashion sketchbook, 12 short colored pencils, and Fashion Designer app (compatible with iOS and Android devices).

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  • 20-page fashion sketchbook