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NERF DART TAG 2-Player Starter Pack

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Sure you can tap a shoulder, but NERF Darts is a much cooler way to play tag and kept our testers active and running around for a lot longer. In addition to absorbing the darts sting, the vests provide a moving target. But the best thing about this kit is the protective eye gear which is so stylish it actualy ups the cool factor. The blasters are pretty basic, but that certainly didn't stop our testers from having fun. And don’t worry too much about losing darts in the bushes – replacement packs are sold separately. HINT: For solitaire play, drap a vest on a tree branch and use it to practice hitting a starionary target. 




It's really exciting! The jerseys are cool because of the velcro and the glasses are awesome. The gun is easy to load, but you have to pull the bullets from the holding part and put them in the shooting part which takes a while when someone else is right there to shoot you.



I'd love to get it as a gift but you need two people to play. I thought the glasses were good but the shirt was uncomfortable. It was awesome to play. 



The darts can shoot farther than my other nerf gun set.  The pinneys are easier to put on than the other nerf gun vests. 



I loved this toy. My friend came over and we played tag outside with these guns. My sister is 10 years old and she used the other bigger gun to play with us. We had a lot of fun!



With these vests you can play with 2 people and it's not dangerous, it's kinda safe cause there are glasses to wear.  The vest catches the darts.  My mom has a bit of a hard time because it means we aim at the other person she finds it violent so what we did was hang the vests in the tree and shoot at it so that she would look as us play more.



This is really really fun, the darts don"t always shoot out which can be kind of frustrating



Looks like fun. I wanted to play with my brother and sister and friend right away. We used another Nerf gun to play with too. We ran around in backyard with it.



I don't like that sometimes the darts won't shoot and you have to keep pushing it in until it shoots. It's fun when you try to shoot someone and they duck and then you can hit them when they fall down! Lots of fun!



I like that it has goggles and I like the vest except there are only a few darts and we keep losing them. Also, it takes a lot of time to reload. I'd rather if you could reload all the darts at the same time so you can keep shooting.


Jennifer S.

Love this toy! John (M5) and I played together. The jerseys and goggles are big enough for adults, too, and the pump action was easy enough to run and re-load as you played.

Kendra D.


This is a really fun set!  A fun way for parent and kids to play together and run around.  I can see this lasting for a long time.

Randi M.


This is an awesome toy--as long as there's ample opportunity for two well-matched children to play together. You can't play with one child, or with an older/younger sibling combination, at least in the case of our family. Once two kids are matched though, the creativity can fly as quick as the little foam bullets. Having the velcro t's to wear and the protective eye wear helps to set the play scene even more. I'd say this toy is a keeper.

Marie-Lise H.


An absolut must if your child is going to play with the dart tags.  the vest if big enough to fit almost any child or young adult.  the glasses have rubbery arms that fit my boys head.  when the darts hit the jacket the vests absorbs the impact of the projectile and there is no discomfort.   I had seen the kit in the stores and had not really seen the need of it, now I do.

Rebecca Y.


This was my kids' first introduction to a 'shooting' game and they LOVED it! It only came with 8 darts which wasn't enough since we lost half of them. We haven't taken this outside - I think it would be a lot more fun in an open space but the kids are worried about losing the other darts. We still have fun shooting each other, though I have to make sure that no one else is in around when they play since being hit can be painful.


Manufacturer Description


Do you have what it takes to be a DART TAG champion? Challenge a friend to a showdown with this awesome two-player starter pack. Gear up with your training jersey and load your SHARP SHOT blaster. Put on your VISION GEAR goggles, your opponent will do the same, and you’re ready for action! Your SHARPSHOT blaster lets you take down opponents fast, but remember: your opponent has one, too! Use your skills to stay out of the line of fire and when you’ve got your opponent in your sights, launch your attack! Go head-to-head until the battle is won — and then pull the darts off your jerseys to start the fight all over again! 


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Item: 32887

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  • 2 SHARP SHOT blasters