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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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The appeal of this model is it's power - battery power in particular. Because without batteries, this blaster is useless. And it certainly goes through batteries - 6C at a time. But otherwise, our testers really loved that it carries so many darts (20 at a time), and never jams as it shoots really far and with a rapid fire burst. In fact, it's not really a fair fight unless your opponent has one of these, too. Our tetsrs were disappointed this blaster didn't come with a set of the very cool new NERF protective glasses, which are so much cooler to wear than the untilty kind. Note that the blaster is a little heavy for younger kids to carry, and that the darts do hurt more than expected. 




It has rapid fire, it shoots 20 darts and it shoots far. And it's impossible for the darts to jam, so it makes it really good when you are versing your friends. It is a little heavy, but it has an attachment that you can rest it on your shoulder.



I didn't really like this dart tag gun because it is too heavy to carry around.  It really needs the have the special vest that lets the darts stick to it otherwise you just shoot at someone and the darts bounce off of it.   It should really come with the safety goggles because you could accidentaily shoot someone in eye.

What I did like about it is that is was fun to shoot at the couch because the darts stuck to it.Undecided



I really liked the power this gun had. I liked chasing my brother and sister's with it. When we got the other gun set, we were able to play tag together. My brother (7years old) liked to play this the most. This gun was a bit heavy for him.



It's like a rifle shot, you push the dart in then you shoot, just like my machine gun.  It shoot really fast, it has 20 darts, you don't have to recharge it, it just shoots.  Before we didn't have the dart tag vest and goggles ans stuff so we just hung a t-shirt and shot at it, now with the vest and the goggles it much more fun!



When I want to shott the darts go out really fast.  I am sure to hit my target!  My brother tries to run but I am too quick!  I would like to give this gun a 100 points!



The swarmfire is much better than the 2 small nerf ones that I have because it has rapid fire, holds 20 darts and shoots really fast.

Jack, Jim And Tom


The Swarmfire is the best nerf gun EVER!



I thought this gun was wicked! My dad had a lot of fun with it. I played with my 7 year old and 2 year old brother and my sister who is 10!


Kendra D.


This toy consumes a fair amount of battery power!  It is a lot of fun but can result in a very unfair fight if only one person has the machine gun!  We get great exercise running around the backyard trying to get each other.

Julianne B.


I wasn't really too crazy about testing this toy. I don't really like gun type toys.

We only had one dart shooter and it didn't come with the vest that the little darts stick to so I don't think we really got full use out of this toy.

The kids (8f, 4f) did enjoy playing with it at first they really enjoyed the rapid fire action.  After a while they got tired of shooting at the shed door or the couch (the dart stuck to that).

I think Nerf should really make this toy a bit smaller and package it with 2 shooters and the vests for say $60 - $75.  As it is right now to get the full effect of this toy you would need to buy 2 shooters and the starter kit for well over $100. 

Kim M.


A fun, interactive toy that really gets kids moving - afterall, you don't want to be blasted by darts!  Despite my initial reservations about "guns", this has proven to be fun for the whole family.  Andrew especially loves having his friends over to play nerf.

Marie-Lise H.


am not a gun enthusiast but if I look at my sons and the absolute pleasure from playing with these nerf guns it is hard to stand on my soapbox.  This particular gun has little velcro like stickers at the end of the dart it works well with the starter kit with vests and glasses to make it safer.  before we got the starter kit I would not let the kids shot at another person, the vests gives then a target.  The darts in this gun shoot really fast.  It takes 6 C batteries which almost cost as much as the gun.  without the batteries the gun does not work at all,there isn't any pumping action to release the darts.

Jennifer B.

Loved that my kids (M7, F10, F12) never tired of this gun. The power was incredible and my adult friends loved this toy, too!


Manufacturer Description


Take your DART TAG game to the next level! This fully automatic blaster lets you dominate the game with a 20-dart attack! The rotating barrel lets you deliver rapid blasting action and the removable stock lets you take your blasting action on the go. When your opponent is in sight, grab your blaster and send your DART TAG darts flying — they’ll even whistle as they fly. Blast your way to victory! Blaster comes with 20 DART TAG darts. VISON GEAR eyewear, jerseys, additional darts and blasters are each sold separately. Requires 6 “C” batteries (not included).

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