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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

Production Status: In Stores

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I like that there is a safely feature so that you can't shoot the cars unless it is on the ground, and if it is stuck then you can't shoot either. The toy was really easy to put together and the instructions were clear. I like that the cars are foam so that if you hit someone it won't hurt. Out of the obstacles that the toy came with then the ramp was the best one since it made the car go flying in the air. The other obstacles are mostly things to knock over. I liked seeing how far the car could launch. Sometimes cars would get stuck inside it and it was sometimes hard to get them out.


Allison M.

My kids (f8 and m11) were able to play with this together by taking turns with the launcher and having challenges with the ramp and knocking over stuff. The launching works well and has a safety feature so that you need to have it against a flat surface or it won't launch the cars. The cars launch really well and it includes lots of stuff to try and knock over with the cars. The ramp is the most fun piece to try and launch the cars up the ramp. While most kids have metal cars, they are not meant for this launcher - you really need the specific nerf cars - which are foam and would not hurt much if they hit a person - rather then just any cars. The cars would sometimes get stuck in the launcher but it was not too hard to unstick them. Once the launcher was assembled it would no longer fit in the box. I wish there was some sort of easy way to store the toy because there are alot of small pieces. My kids liked this toy and had fun with it. It is a neat idea and with a few enhancements (better storage, more ramps, less cars getting stuck in the launcher) it could be even better. Overall - the toy worked just as advertised and provided some fun challenge options to knock over different things. The ramp was great and my kids wished there was another different kind of ramp as that was the most fun part of the toy.


Manufacturer Description

Blast into overdrive with Nerf Nitro sets! Kids can create awesome stunts as they fire foam cars from blasters that feature the power and performance of the Nerf brand! Blast into stunts to go high, go far, go fast! With the Nerf Nitro FlashFury Chaos set, kids can create lots of stunts with multi-car blasting, pop-up targets, long-jump ramp and 6 obstacles. The blaster fires 3 cars in a row without reloading. The targets shoot into the air when cars hit them. Some assembly required. No tools needed. Includes 3 cars. Additional sets each sold separately.

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  • Blaster

  • Long-jump ramp

  • 3 foam cars with plastic wheels

  • 2 targets (8 pieces)

  • 6 obstacles

  • Instructions


  • • Multi-car blasting

  • • Foam cars designed for speed and distance

  • • Pop-up targets and 6 obstacles