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NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Phoenix

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $22.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Our testers love that this is a NERF for girls. It takes a little practice to master, but with perseverance it has a reasonably long shot. The decorated 'collector' darts included were a huge hit, so it's good that they're also sold separately as they were easy to loose. N-Strike darts also work, but our testers definitely preferred using the fancier darts. The only downside to the toy is that it shoots only one dart at a time and each shot requires a reload - a definite disadvantage in an all-out neighbourhood NERF battle. 




I really like this set because it works like a real bow and arrow. I had fun shooting the darts. I liked how the bow shot them really far. I played different games with my friend (12 yrs.), and used it with my cousins (m8, f6, m6, f4) at our cottage and we took turns hitting different targets. We played tag, and we had a competition to see who could hit a target the most. I like how far it shoots. I also like that this Nerf set is designed for girls, as most sets are usually designed for boys with "boy" colours. The only thing that would make it better is if the set came with more darts.



this was a great game that I really used all summer long. I tried to send the peg across our backyard. You need a lot of space and our backyard is big enough that my peg would go flying. you can't play this game inside because you need a really big space. I got better at aiming with practice.



This is a great game. I love it. It is so easy to use. We have a big backyard and there is a lot of room for my "bullet" to go far. I keep trying to get it to go farther. I am really good at shooting and aiming. Mom still needs practice.



I like that it's a Nerf for girls! It's fun to shoot the darts, and I like that all the darts are all different - well there are only 5 darts, but they are pretty with nice colors. The darts go far enough, not as far as the nerf guns my brother has, but that's fine. With practise I was able to shoot very far but then I had to search for my dart. I lost one and that was sad. I tried every different nerf dart my brother had but they don't work. But yeah!! Finally a Nerf for Girls!



What I like most about this is it is the first Nerf for girls and it is really cool. I like the bow and arrow Nerf because it is unique. My brother doesn't even have one like this and I have never seen one like it before. The problem is that you have to load it every time and most of my brother's Nerfs have the automatic loading so it is fast. I can't keep up with firing my nerfs at them! But I love that the darts go pretty far. At first it was hard to shoot it, but now it is really easy. I can shoot it as far as my brother! I wish it came with more darts because I have already lost two. I like the colours and design on the darts. It is not so much fun to use the regular ones.


Orietta M.


This game is fun. Although they try to portray it is meant for girls with the girl picture and pink pegs the game is really for both. My son 6 & daughter 8 had a blast trying to beat their distances. They created a competition how far can you aim??? it was great good fun. the toy is safe but watch out you don't loose the pegs because once you figure out how to aim successfully your aim gets better and better. This is definitely an outdoor activity.

Kim M.

Love the Girl Nerf - it really does seem to make a difference for girls that this is targeted specifically for them. Meaghan (F7), who has practically grown up with her brother's Nerf in hand and quite experienced at the nerf battles that continually happen in our house, was so excited to get a Nerf that was tailored for girls. She loved the colour of the bow (purple) and the darts even more because they had cool designs on them. It took Meaghan, age 7, a few tries before she got the hang of the bow and arrow style of Nerf, but once she did, she enjoyed playing with it. However, she was hesitant to use it because it only came with a limited number of multicoloured and uniquely designed darts and she didn't want to lose them (of which, we have already lost 2 of 5). She can use the other, "regular" darts, but she likes the ones that "go with" the Rebelle. She likes this set, she sees that the other Nerfs her brother plays with have much more power.

Liz H.

This is an amazing little set! Since the 'Hunger Games' hype, my daughter (10 yrs) has been wanting a bow and arrow set. Initially when I saw the set, I thought she may find it a little young; however, she loves it! I can't believe how far the bow shoots the darts. The colours and design are so attractive for young girls. Because the darts are soft, they don't hurt or damage any "targets". A variety of ages (f10, F6, f4, M6, M8) were able to launch the darts and my kids had fun having competitions with their friends to hit different targets. I love that it has femine colours! I was also really surprised by how well and how far the bow could launch the darts. It could come with a few more darts, as we lost them pretty quickly, although I was able to purchase replacement darts.

Marie-Lise H.

Mia (F10) liked that she finally had a Nerf for her and I really like that my daughter went out on recon with her brothers and skulked around the park with her bow strapped to her back. Her brother who is a Nerf aficionado gave the bow a thumbs up, high praise. [At testing time] we weren't able to buy more of the darts, but only 5 is not enough. The other darts around the house just didn't work as well. With the Hunger games 2nd movie coming out, this is great timing for a Nerf Bow.


Manufacturer Description

Experience real bow action with the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow! This Nerf Rebelle bow fires the 5 foam darts up to 75 feet for far-reaching fun. Build your bow-blasting skills and reveal your Nerf Rebelle attitude! Take aim with the Heartbreaker Bow blaster and show the world the beauty of strength and power. Arm yourself for action and team up with friends to play together as you make the rules and define the style. With the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow, real bow action is at your fingertips!


The Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow comes with 5 collectible foam darts in different colors and designs. Slide the included dart storage accessory onto the accessory rail to keep the darts nearby for easy, on-the-move loading and launching. The accessory rail also works with other accessories (not included). The Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow is decorated with pink and purple phoenix feathers for a fierce and feminine look that's just right for glamorous Nerf Rebelle girls like you.

Toy Fair Press Release: The ultimate adventure accessory, the NERF REBELLE HEARTBREAKER bow features “true” bow action and powerful dart performance! Inspired by current pop culture trends, the HEARTBREAKER bow offers girls the poise and precision to take on any mission. To activate the bow, simply load a dart in the front and take aim. Then, pull back on the bow string handle and release to send darts soaring across the sky up to 75 feet, allowing for shot that shows off your skill with aim and attitude. Ready for action, the bow features an accessory rail which provides for five-dart storage for easy access to ammo and allows girls to customize their blaster with fun add-ons, like the NERF REBELLE App Cradle (sold separately). The NERF REBELLE HEARTBREAKER bow comes with five collectible darts, Available at most major retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Model Number

A4738/A6130 Asst.

Year Introduced



  • 5 darts


  • Dart storage accessory holds 5 darts and fits on accessory rail