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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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Very popular with our testing familes. The water stream isn't a forceful as other super soakers, and the resevoir doesn't hold as much water. But our testers loved the adaptability of choosing one, two or all of three blaasting spots - middle front and to either side. 




I love this nerf! I want to give it more than a 10!!! It is the best super soaker in all the history of super soakers!!! There are three places the water shoots from, from the center of the bow (wehre the arrow would shoot out if there was one), and from each of the arms of the crossbow, there is a button you press to release those arms and they both shoot water, if you want to you can bend one and it doesn't shoot any more, or bend both and the water only comes from the centre, then hit the release and they all spray!! It makes it very hard for your opponent to evade the water spray when they don't know where it comes from! The water jets easily reach my target (my brother Kai). He tries to run but I just flip one or both of the arm of the gun and I get him everytime! This is so much fun!



Awesome! It's like having three water squirters because it shoots water out of three spots at the same time. So if there are three people on the other team and they are close together I can get them all soaking wet! Nobody else has a water squirter like this. I give it 10 out of 10! Or maybe 30 out of 30 because it shoots triple.



I liked trying to paint pictures on the fence with the gun. I liked trying to shoot my dad from far away and make it rain on his head.



I find that this water blaster has a weak cannon - the water spray does not come out as hard as some of the other ones. The thing I really like about it is it has three different sprayers so you can get multiple shooting angles. It is longer than some of the other ones, but it is also lighter because it doesn't hold as much water. You can surprise your opponent because you can get him from different angles. So, that is the main advantage.


Kim M.

I like the twist on the usual water blasters, which is the player can choose one of three locations to blast water out of. Easy tank to fill and good size to hold. They all said the main water in the front travels the farthest, with the side ones not aiming as well nor travelling as far. The kids (F8, M12) feel there is more strategy and skill with aiming involved in this way. However, the price point is a little higher.

Marie-Lise H.

Wow! This particular Nerf water gun gave my kids ( m12, m10, f11) hours of fun. Sebastien ( 12) liked that he could chose any of the 3 separate water jets, so it would catch the others by surprise. He found it lite to carry and it had a decent water supply. The crossbow has more finess and strategy than the Super Barrage - which we are also testing) - it is all power. Sebastien (M12) loved that he could bend one or both arms of the crossbow to control how many water jets it would use. Very easy to fill up, the tank was a nice size and the crossbow was not cumbersome to use. Great addition to a summer arsenal.


Manufacturer Description

Soak like a champ with this incredibly versatile Tri Strike Crossbow soaker! It's shaped like a crossbow and its arms deploy for 2 different modes of soakage. When the arms are in, you can fire a single stream of water at targets up to 38 feet away! But if you're going for a bigger soaking at closer range, deploy the arms for a triple stream of water! This large-capacity soaker holds up to 40 ounces of water, so you'll be the top drencher with the Tri Strike Crossbow!

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  • Deploy arms for 3 streams of water.