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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Lots of fun, but all testing families report that the little foam disks do get jammed. The blaster also uses A LOT of batteries: 6C and 2AAA! The target scope that comes iwth this blaster is VERY popular, and transfers to other nerfs that have an accesories rail. 




This Nerf gun is the first automatic disc blaster. This blaster fires small frisbee shaped bullets. In the box, you get the blaster itself, a rail attachement and a clip. I had lots of fun fireing the blaster in my backyard. However, on the box it says it can fire 80 feet but I found it hard to have them reasch that distance, probably because of wind resistence. Also, ther rail attachement is advertised as being able to aid you by having lights glow inside the scope, however, I found it more difficult to see when my eye was up to it because the lihgt inside was more blinding then helpful especially when it was darker outside. Overall, this gun was one of my favorites and I would continue playing with it.



I like the scope the best, the darts turn on themselves and bounce back, that is neat.  They shoot very far, that can be fun for a moment then we have to go find them.



This gun was awesome!



I don't like using this one (Nerf) because the discs sting.  I won't play if anyone uses this one. 



I like the spotting scope that comes with it and the discs are unique and they go really far (farther than the regular darts). But, instead of shooting straight out, they curve, so you don't usually get your target and the blaster does get jammed.


Kim M.


As far as Nerf goes, this is one of the more popular artillery to use. The scope is the most popular feature on this one. The boys who have played often compete for who will get the scope as it is transferrable to some of the other Nerf units. The dics, unfortunately, are not compatible with any of the other (many) Nerfs that we have and of course, a few have been lost in battle now. The chief complaint I hear is that it can get jammed.

Sue A.


One of my son's favorites. He had no issues with the disks and enjoyed the scope although he felt the light within the scope was sometimes not helpful. The disks did go farther then most of the dart versions, I can see this catching on. Nerf wars is a regular occurance in my houshold (outside) and the boys certainly seemed to prefer this gun over many others.

Marie-Lise H.


The scope alone would be a 10. the gun needs a heck of a lot of batteries to work and it jams often.  I would certainly buy the scope if it was available by itself, it fits on all other Nerf rail guns .

Jennifer B.


This was a great gun when it worked. The power was incredible and the disks shot far. The only down side was if one disk got jammed, the gun stopped working. This happened a lot with this particular toy. I would have liked to get another one to see if we still had same problem. My kids liked it.


Manufacturer Description

The first fully autmatic clip fed disc blaster in the NERF VORTEX line, the VORTEX NITRON blaster takes NERF blasters to the next level! Featuring a removeable clip that can hold up to 20 discs, an Electronic Targeting Scope accessory, a front handle to help steady your shots, and the Tactical Rail System compatible with most VORTEX and NERF N-STRIKE Mission Kit accessories (each sold separately), the VORTEX NITRON blaster embodies the ultimate in innovation and technology within the VORTEX series. The NERF VORTEX NITRON blaster requires six 'C' batteries, not included. Electronic Targeting Scope accessory requires two "AA" batteries, not included.

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