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New Sprouts® Waffle Time!

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 2 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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A great play food set with a popular breakfast theme! Our testing parents were impressed with the realism and quality of food items, as well as the somewhat unique food choices - more varried than other sets they'd encountered and far more sturdy. Toddler safe with play appeal lasting through the preschool and early grade school years.




I like adding butter and strawberries to my waffles. It's really fun to play with because you can use it to eat waffles.


Nadine L.

My two year old daughter loves to make waffles like mommy, even my 4 year old son loves to help. She puts syrop on the waffles and loves to pretend to eat them and serve them to or guests. She seems to love this toy more then the stir fry set for some reason.

Sylvie S.

Dalia (f2) really enjoys playing house with this toy. She pretends she is the mom, cooks for us and feeds us. So cute to watch. She loves making us waffles, pouring our syrup and personally feeding us strawberries. This is a very good quality toy, made with quality materials. Very well worth its cost!


Manufacturer Description

Rise and shine – it’s waffle time! Little ones can cook and serve homemade waffles with this gourmet breakfast set. Waffle iron lid moves up and down to give children the realistic experience of making their very own waffles. Butter, syrup and strawberries top off this tasty breakfast treat. Made from durable plastic, and perfectly sized for little hands. 

Model Number

Item # LER 9274


  • 4-piece waffle