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Newspaper Builders


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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This is a very cool idea and allows a great deal of open-ended construction flexibility because, in theory, you can make the poles as long or short as you want. The reality is that it's just much too tedious, and too much "work", not to mention the frustration of poorly rolled tubes! Certainly none of our testers found it fun, or age-approprite for four year olds. But it does provide some useful tools that a group of inspired older kids might use for a building project. 




This is quite fun but you really have to have the right technique to get it to stay up. Ours fell apart quickly.



i don't really like this game. it is in a box now and i don't want to play with it because i have to make those sticks and it takes too long and plus mine don't come out nice.



When is daddy going to build this?



I tried to roll the papers but it was really hard. Mommy had to do it for me. Maybe bigger kids would like this more.



Horrible. I would rather play with connectors or LEGO or anything except that.



I made 1 building that was fun, but then I didn't want to roll papers anymore.


Kendra D.


I thought this was going to be a great to. I love the idea of recycling things from around the house and making toys, however this certainly disappointed me. We rolled and rolled and tried to make a neat strucuture but it kept collapsing and the result took up our entire living room. I think you would have to paint the rolls to give them more structure.

Jennifer K.

"This looked like a really cool building toy that uses recycling of newspapers however, it has been an activity in frustration. The connectors are difficult to tape to the newspapers and Mackenzie and other children of various ages from 5 to 8 had difficulty rolling the newspapers to create the structures.

Orietta M.


I really don't like this game. it is too difficult for the little ones to be making these poles. good idea but not appropriate for this age group. you have to do everything for them.

Susan G.


Perhaps older kids would like this but it wasn't a "toy" for my 4 year old twins. They were not able to play with it on their own. It also required too much effort for us to figure out.

Kinsella J.


Mackenzie (f5) has had little interest in this activity. We tried to roll the newspapers but she found it frustrating. I took the toy to work and had several 5 and 6 year olds try it. They also had difficulty rolling the papers and attaching the connectors. I then tried it with a group of 7/8 year old boys. They thought it was cool at first but lost interst very quickly, after they made a Jedi fighter plane out of the tubes and connectors. This toy is definitely more geared for at least ages 6 + if not higher age group.

Marie-Lise H.


unfortunately, after the first first structure was build the kids didn't want to roll newspapers anymore.


Manufacturer Description

Go green with a new and innovative approach to building!  Don’t toss out newspapers: recycle them to build incredible geometric sculptures!  Tape the included tubes to both ends of a sheet of newspaper.  Roll up the newspaper and secure with tape to make a connecting paper rod.  Includes durable plastic connectors that fit into rods.  Follow the step-by-step instructions in the guide to make a triangular pyramid, a square anti-prism or design your own creations.  Includes guide, 36 connectors, and 200 rod-tubes.

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  • 200 rod-tubes