Age: 6 years and up

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This three pack offers a great opportunity to try and compare the different styles of 'balls' for use with OgoSport rackets. The Softbal Ball (better known as a Koosh) is easiest for young beginners, but the Flux Ball and Mini Copter Darts each add their own distinctive dimensions to play.




I like the squishee ball best, the other ones are a bit hard for me to hit well. My friends, who are boys, like to throw any of them around. They are silly.



My favorite is the koosh ball because it is the easiest to play with. I can't really get the hang of the other 2 harder balls and so I don't play with those very much.


Tammy W.

It's great to have different "ball" options for the racquets. It mixes things up a bit and makes things more interesting and challenging. We tried all 3 today and our favourite (as beginners) is the koosh ball. It's the easiest to control. It's nice to know if you need a replacement ball, you could pick one of these up at the dollar store. The "birdie" ball allows you to remove the three wings, and replace them, but I found after doing so, they don't fit back so well and are loose. The ball with the tails is neat because you can take the tails out to make it go faster, or move them around to make it more difficult by having the ball bounce without prediction! Hopefully we can master all 3 balls with time!

Cathy M.


Nice to have extra balls and accessories to play with, considering if you hit them hard enough, they may land in a neighbor's yard! My daughter (5) and her friends (M5, M6) prefer to play with the ball, not to others.

Orietta M.

These are great little balls. You really need to add these different balls when you are buying the tennis rackets that go with them. It really adds to the fun of the game you are playing. I would definitely include them when I purchase the rackets as a gift for someone because it just adds to the fun of the sport.

Rebecca Y.

The kids (M10, M9, M6) really love playing with these balls- each one offers a different kind of play. They often use them with the disks, but have played with them standalone as well. These are definitely for outdoor use, and it's best if they're played in an open field since they go very far and have been known to get stuck in trees (or in a neighbour's backyard)! The koosh ball is definitely the easiest and good for the younger group since it is the easiest to control. The yellow ball with the tails is really bouncy and can only be played with outdoors. The tails add a lot of complexity to the bounce since, depending on where you put them, the ball can go speedy or slower, bounce predictably or all over the place. The dart was the least exciting since it was hard to hit it well, though when you did, it had a really cool spin to it. It can come apart but (though it doesn't show this on the box) needs to be put back in the correct positions to make it work properly. You're supposed to be able to bend and straighten the tails of the dart to determine the spin factor, but I found that once we bent them, they could no longer be straightened properly. That wasn't too disappointing since the more bent they are, the more of a spin they have.


Manufacturer Description

This three pack offers a variety of different play for your Ogo Mini and Ogo Mezo disks. Includes one Ogo Softball, one mini Ogo Copter Dart, and one Flux ball.

The Ogo Softball (Beginner) is the original Ogo ball -- it never hurts to have an extra kicking around! Colourful, soft & light for kid-friendly play. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

The Mini Ogo Copter Dart (Intermediate) always lands head down. It's all the fun of a dart with none of the danger. It's a light-weight, kid-friendly dart that flies with aero-spin action.

The Flux ball (Advanced) is yellow, soft and also kid-friendly. This ball has extra bounce, and is more of a challenge during gameplay.

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