Age: 6 years and up

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All the classic fun of the Ogo Racquet, with a new handle design. Our testers loved this newest version of the classic handheld OgoSport ball trampoline. The added grip makes it much easier to use the lightweight disk like a paddle for playing badminton-style games. Use the two included OgoDisks to bounce around all sorts of things, but the set also features its own unique projectile. About the size of a ping pong ball, the Flux can be used like a regular ball. Or, you can add up to three 6.5"/17cm tails anywhere you choose, to alter both the speed and predictability of its flight pattern. An excellent set for backyard fun.




This was a pretty fun game. We tried lots of different things. First, I just bounced it up and down on the racket to see how many times I could do it. We also played volleyball, baseball and tennis games with this toy. I almost hit the ball into the neighbour's backyard and my Dad hit it onto our roof! So it would be a good idea for this game to come with 2 balls, in case you lose one. I like that you can speed up and and slow down the ball by taking the flyers(tails) off. The ball itself is cool - the size and feel of it is cool. It is a little hard to take and flyers on and off. The racket is pretty good. It is a little big and not too heavy, but it seems like the netting might break if you hit it really hard. We had a fun time with the ogo racket.



The rackets were amazing! It was so easy to hit the ball and it went super flying so high, but we lost the ball. We played with other balls, but it wasn't as good as the one it came with.



This is the best toy ever!!! I am a real master at playing tennis but only with this kind of racquet. I love the different balls I can use. I play this alone or with my brother. we play for so long in our yard we love it!!



This set is pretty fun. I played with my sister. The balls goes so high and far. My sister hit it so hard - it went on our garage roof. Thank goodness it rolled down the next day. I can't wait to bring it to the cottage!



The ball goes crazy, it goes all over the place! It's hard to hit it! But when I do hit it, it's really funny because it goes far and you don't know where it's going to go!



Mummy, will you come play OgoSport with me? I like how we can get the ball to go so high, it almost gets stuck in the trees. It's fun to play with you Mummy. Please try to hit it straight, Mummy.



The ball and racket are really bouncy, so we keep hitting it in the trees and in our neighbour's backyard. One time I almost hit in our neighbour's neighbour's backyard! It was very hard for me to put in the tails



It is so cool! You can make it fast or slow, easy or hard but it is really bouncy. You can hit water balloons but I haven't tried them yet.



This is fun! I like the way you can add more control to the ball by adding the tails. By adding the tails, the ball definitely flies slower, but has way more control. We like trying to beat our record with the number of bounces you can do either solo or in a team back and forth before you miss the ball. It would be fun to have at least 4 rackets, then you could have more of a team competition.



I really like the cool ball on this toy. Sometimes it goes too far or the wrong way, but I'm still learning. I changed it to go fast, and it was speed! I had one like this before, but different. This one has a handle, but I didn't really use it.



It's really fun because that ball can really fly! We can shoot it really far. I loved playing in the pool with it, we can make dives and such to get to the ball. I love how it's made, the material is really bouncy, and can you imagine if we had a real trampoline made out of it? we could fly!



It was actually quite fun, a bit hard to aim the ball but with practice I wasn't so bad. I had a great time playing in the pool with my friends



It's really fun because that ball can really fly! We can shoot it really far. I loved playing in the pool with it, we can make dives and such to get to the ball. I love how it's made, the material is really bouncy.



This is very fun game to play, and I like how it [the ball] has the strings to attach to it to make it go slower, faster, harder, or easier. It can be fun to play with more than one person, but the balls can sure go far! We played with four people hitting back and forth. It was really fun.



Very cool, I like playing with theses rackets, the ball bounces very well and water balloons do to.



It was actually quite fun, a bit hard to aim the ball but with practice I wasn't so bad. I had a great time playing in the pool with my friends.


Mike R.


My children (5 and 7) were both excited to try this toy out. My first impressions were: liked the minimal packaging, wished there was a second ball. The reconfigurable ball was a nice touch to shake up game play a bit. We had bought an older version of this toy, and this is an improvement. Better ball, handle is a plus for adults, and the surface area is a little bigger. Based on my sons reactions, this will get some good testing play. As far as age range, this is really just a matter of coordination over safety. My five-year old was doing just fine, and I'm sure even younger would enjoy hitting the ball.

Kim M.

The OgoSport Raq is a great summer fun toy! We have all thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. We have tried bouncing tennis balls (too heavy), bouncy balls (too heavy), badminton birdies (works almost as well as the flyer) on the OgoSport. The ball that comes with it really does work best. The tails make the ball fly either faster or slower. We lost the ball into the neighbour's yard a number of times, but always reclaimed it. The racquet also landed in the tree, but eventually came down. The racquet was surprisingly light for the size. A great toy, well recommended!

Orietta M.


EVERY family needs this. Even fun for adults. we all look hilarious running around trying to hit the ogo ball. what a great outdoor simple game and the material it is made out of is so neat. I love this toy, definitely a keeper.

Liz H.


This is a fantastic summer toy! My kids (m6, f11) have really enjoyed playing with this set. We usually have to take it to the park, as they can surprisingly hit it super far. The rackets are easy to hold and the 'streamers' on the ball make it fun to hit and watch fly through the air!

Tammy W.


I'm pleasantly surprised at how light the racquets are. The balls bounce really high and it's quite difficult to control the direction but with practice, this will probably improve. We were only able to try it out in the house where movement is limited, so we are anxious to try it outside. We were only able to pass it back and forth 3 times. I guess we are putting too much strength into it! I can see this being a great summer toy, and I wonder how it would fare out in the swimming pool. I like how you can move the cords around the ball to make it more difficult if need be, although at this point, we're trying to find the easiest way to go about playing with it!


Other Relative

Seems durable. You can use it for a lot of different activities outdoors. It would be nice to have more suggested uses on the box. Easy to use and great for the whole family. The rackets looks heavy at first, but are surprisingly light.

Mitchell M.


I like the racket and ball - especially how you can take any one or all of the three tails off the ball because it really does change the speed. The size of the racket is a little awkward to hold but it is light for little hands.

Ann L.

At first the price looks a little high, but as I played with it, I realized that this was a very good quality toy that I would buy for the cottage.

Tara R.

This toy continues to be their "go-to" outdoor toy. They (M5 & M6) will play forever after school, and have brought it to dinner parties and to the park. It's portable, easy to use, and offers confidence to young ones for whom "Catch" and raquet sports can be intimidating. Creates a level playing field for adults and kids. An instant classic.


Manufacturer Description

OgoSport RAQTM - Created for active outdoor play, the OgoSport RAQ set is the hand trampoline for balls fit for players of all ages who love imaginative and dynamic games. Whether alone or in groups, kids and teens alike can develop their gross motor skills while having a blast with the OgoSport RAQ in the backyard, on the beach, by the pool or in the park. The OgoSport RAQ adapts to team sports such as volleyball, baseball and tennis. It is also tremendous with water balloons. The Flux Ball can be customized to control speed or predictability – more tails, slow ball; fewer tails, fast ball; tails close together, easy play; tails far apart, hard play – and in combination with the disks it allows for instant new game invention, adding to the fascination of its discovery.

Year Introduced



  • 2 RAQ OgoDisks


  • RAQ combines the ease of the other OgoDisks with the added power of a handle!