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Once Upon a Craft™ Jack and the Beanstalk

Educational Insights, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $15.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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Our testing families loved the concept behind this kit which provides a story book and some related easy-to-do crafts - in this case a beanstalk growing chart and a mobile to make.




This is a book and not toy. I like to read the book when I go to sleep. I like Jack and Bean story. I don't like the giant - scary. I want a hen and harp.



I like the story about Jack and the Beanstalk. Look how tall I am (pointing to the growth chart)!


Sandra W.

This was the 4th one we tested in this series and initially, F5 was excited to have another craft kit to complete. We liked the fact that the crafts were easy enough for F5 to do without much parental help so it kept her busy for awhile. Comes in a nice box with a handle so the pieces fit back into the box in between play sessions. She liked coloring the growth chart and pieces of the mobile. She needed help to tie on the pieces of the mobile and some of the pieces ripped but I think she was tugging too hard on them. It was easily fixed with pieces of tape. Once the crafts were completed, she had little interest in the crafts. She does like to look over the book occasionally. The idea of the kit is great-easy crafts relating to a familiar story (with storybook included in the kit), but she liked some of the other ones we tested better. It comes with a small storybook that all the kids have enjoyed looking through (F3, F5, and F7).

Swatee J.

My F4 year old loves the Jack and Bean Stalk story book and is excited to know more about the giant, jack and his mom. She showed little or no interest in the play mobile and the growth chart. We usually read the same story about twice in a week. It is a good bedtime read for small kids and satisfies the recommended reading time. I read the book to my 4 year old but it was a good book for my M7 year old to read all by himself. Story book is nicely done and well illustrated. I think the toy mobile and growth chart are great addition, but my girl is not fond of the growth chart or toy mobile as she has her own princess growth chart. My kids played with the playmobile few times only...It wasn't very engaging for my 4 year old once she played with it and same goes for the growth chart. But she really enjoys reading and listening to the Bean Stalk story and asks engaging questions. She wanted to plant her own bean stalk using beans. We did a little kitchen experiment by planting the bean seeds. I am overall satisfied with the toy and mainly the story book as it depicts the story colorfully and nicely laid out pictures.


Manufacturer Description

Take story time to new heights with Jack and the Beanstalk! Read the story together; then, watch your child’s creativity soar sky-high with a DIY Jack and the Beanstalk mobile and colorable beanstalk growth chart! Read the story together, then enjoy 2 mess-free, story-based crafts! Includes 24-page, full-color, illustrated storybook, Jack and the Beanstalk, with tips for reading aloud and additional activity ideas. Mobile craft includes 4 pre-cut, ready-to-color, story-themed foam pieces; mobile frame; and decorative hanging ribbons. Growth chart craft includes a beanstalk growth chart with full-color illustrations and coloring areas. Shh...They’re Learning!: Encourages a lifelong love of reading, Helps increase vocabulary, Helps develop fine motor skills. See other sets at https://www.educationalinsights.com/search.do?query=once+upon+a+craft.

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