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Once Upon a Craft™ The Ugly Duckling

Educational Insights, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $15.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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Our testing families loved the concept behind this kit which provides a story book and some related easy-to-do crafts - in this case a mirror to decorate and puzzle to colour than make - the mirror was the definite favourite and testers were happy to ahng it in their bedroom. 




I like the story about the duckling. I like making the mirror and the stickers I have to put on it.


Sara F.

I really liked putting the stickers on the frame and colouring my own puzzle exactly like the picture in the book. I like that I could make the puzzle beautiful, usually puzzles come with their own colours.I like to do the puzzle now with the pretty colours. I don't like that if you make a mistake when colouring, then it's hard to fix it and that's how the puzzle will be forever. I wish it came with two puzzles because my brother also wanted to colour a puzzle - it was fun. I let him do some of mine. And it was so fun! I really like my frame. I copied it exactly like the picture in the box and it's so pretty.

Wendy K.

It's a fun craft that my F5 year old enjoyed. I wouldn't say that anything is outstanding, but it's fine. My daughter was excited to read the book and do the activities. She enjoyed both the crafts, but really liked the idea of the puzzle. She has never coloured in her own puzzle before, so she really liked that concept, although she She said that she wanted her brother to help her make it "perfect". She had a very easy time with putting the stickers on the frame. She loves arts and crafts and it was probably a little simple for her, but she enjoyed it anyway. She worked independently for about 15 minutes and was pleased with the result. After making the frame, she never looked at it again, and after colouring the puzzle, she did the puzzle once and then never looked at it again. But it's a decent price for a fun activity. The book is a little flimsy, but both the frame and the puzzle are of good quality. There's nothing outstanding about this craft, but it's a fun, basic craft and the stickers are sparkly, which my daughter really likes.

Sandra W.

Like that it combined a familiar story with related crafts and that these were easy crafts for F5 to complete without my help (sticking foam stickers onto the frame of a mirror, coloring puzzle pieces). It comes with a small Ugly Duckling storybook that all the kids have enjoyed looking through (F3, F5, and F7). Comes in a nice box with a handle so the pieces fit back into the box in between play sessions, though the box that it comes in is not as sturdy as I would like because it is starting to break apart.


Manufacturer Description

Transform the tale of The Ugly Duckling with two fun, DIY crafts! Read the story together; then, encourage your own beautiful swan to decorate a mirror and assemble and color a story-themed puzzle. Read the story together, then enjoy 2 mess-free, story-based crafts! Includes 24-page, full-color, illustrated storybook, The Ugly Duckling, with tips for reading aloud and additional activity ideas. Mirror craft includes a 5” x 7” foam frame mirror, 3 sheets of decorative stickers, and a ribbon for hanging. Puzzle craft includes a 16-piece, ready-to-color story puzzle. Shhh...They’re Learning!: Encourages a lifelong love of reading, Helps increase vocabulary, Helps develop fine motor skills, Inspires creativity. See other sets at https://www.educationalinsights.com/search.do?query=once+upon+a+craft.

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