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Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper

The Maya Group

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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"I love Orbeez" "Can I put my hands in the bowl mom? "She probably enjoys the sensory aspect the most and "want to grow more and mix up the colors!" " can we get more Orbeez?"



I really like making the colourful balls. It was like doing a science experiment and i love how to use the balls to make creative and colourful vases. very neat. i like the look of the ladybug but i don't use it anymore. it is kind of boring.



It is fun just to play with the beads and the target or the cup. I almost like doing that better than with the ladybug.


Kim M.

We tested the RC part of the ladybug before making up the little round balls. After a couple of tries, 6 year old Meaghan was easily able to navigate the ladybug around the room. She could steer straight, in circles and back up. We were all impressed that the ladybug could work on the carpet as well, although battery consumption can be quite extensive if the unit is left on (no auto shut-off). Nice features like the ladybug lighting up different colours - very bright and fun. Her wings flutter up and down and even her eyes move up and down. Very cute! I love the science behind the Orbeez, the kid friendly explanation of the science, growing of the Orbeez polymer balls, the great selection of coloured beads, the alternative suggestions for other activities than can be done with the Orbeez balls, the easy set up of the ladybug and that the ladybug actually works at picking up and shooting out the balls. The ladybug is easy to clean and is quite durable in working on both carpet and tiled floor. However, both 6 year old Meaghan and 10 year old Andrew seemed to like the Orbeez balls better than the actual toy -contintually shrinking and growing the polymers.

Jennifer S.

Surprisingly, this was a huge hit, both kids (F5.5 and M7) thought it was pretty fantastic. The orbeez polymers were really mult-functional and fun on many levels. The sheer ability of an object that looks like a hard bead to grow to a slippery, bouncy, tiny ball was amazing for them to see and ponder how that happens simply with the addition of water. The feel of the grown polymers is fantastic for a young person. The different opportunities that existed with this toy was terrific. The kids, loved using the lady bug or playing with the little polymers on their own. We played a game where we tried to bounce the polymers into a cup. We also played one where we made a target and tried to roll the polymers onto the target. They both enjoyed this but my son, 7, almost preferred this. The kids loved the ladybug and were intrigued as to how it would scoop up the polymers with its mouth, using the remote control. They also loved the fact that it would 'poop' them out. The colours of the polymers were attractive as were the shape, feel, and physical attributes. They have played with this toy almost constantly since we have brought it home. That being said, we have already gone through a set of batteries. It consumes them quickly. The price is a little steep but the toy is completely different from other toys I have seen. A big hit!

Lisa G.


The picture in the box looked great! It was when I found out what Orbeez really were and how difficult they are to handle that I got turned off it. These are super fun water activated tiny orbs that can bounce away very easily! This ladybug scooper encourages you to put them all over your floor to scoop them up. It's practically impossible! The scooper is hard to operate Remote control offers jerky motions- difficult to turn. Unless you have a room that nobody uses that doesn't have anything on the floor - this toy is a pass. Perhaps it might work if Orbeez were bigger and not sticky. Price is on high side.

Orietta M.


unfortunately, the lady bug lost its appeal. initially it was a hit. my daughter 7 loved moving it around and thought it was neat how it ate all the colourful balls. but when my daughter realized you could use the balls for decorating she didn't waste her time with the lady bug. she focused on using the orbeeze in vase designs. they don't dry out easily at all.


Manufacturer Description

Power up your remote and make your Ladybug scoot around the floor collecting Orbeez into its shell. The Ladybug blinks, lights up and makes chirping sounds as it moves around cleaning up. You can also push the Ladybug manually to collect all the Orbeez. And with the press of a button you can dispense the Orbeez (through its rear end!) Batteries not included.

Year Introduced



  • 1 remote control


  • Ladybug Scooper scoots around to help pick up your Orbeez