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Order's Up!™


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

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Keep your eye on the die, because if it rolls a bell, you'll want to be the first to ring it and win another food item from the serving area. First to fill all their guest checks wins. A fun, fast-paced game with a few twists to keep you hopping. To add a touch of realism, the game includes a real call bell, and our testers loved every opportunity they had to ring it.




This was a great game. It is so easy to play. It is like bingo but instead of looking for letters and numbers you are looking for picutres. also there is a race for the bell in order to get one of the cards to put onto your menu cards. First one to fill up entire card wins the game.  The only thing is that sometimes my hand gets hurt from others trying to hit the bell at the same time.



It is thrilling, beceauce you can "steal" another players card.

It is also fun to try and be the first one to ring the bell.

It is an easy game to play with younger kids.  It is simple, easy and fun.



I like Order's Up because there are different things that you can do on every turn. It's fun and easy to learn and my 5 year old brother can even play. There's some strategy - when it's your turn and you move some pieces from one board to another so if you get a switch board, you can switch the board with fewer pieces on it. When you think you're going to win, there's a good chance of winning except if someone (even you!) gets a switch board. I don't really like the bell because sometimes it's too loud and annoying. It's still a really good game!



I like that the game has jokers ('Free Entree', 'Free Refills', 'Free Dessert' and 'Special of the Day') because you can put them anywhere that it says. I also like that when you think you're going to win, you don't always win because there's a switch boards where you have to give another player your board even if it's better than theirs. It's very easy to learn how to play.



It is so cool. I want my friends to try it out. The bell is fun.



When I saw the box I did not think it would be a fun game, I don't know why. My mom started playing with my sisters and I watched them play, it was not what I thought it was. My big sister had to go to her piano lesson so I took over her cards and I really had fun. The game is quick,you have to hit the bell before the others, I am fast, sometimes too fast and I hit the bell when I was not supposed to and I would loose a token, but that was OK it was my fault for not looking at the dice right. The only thing is that sometimes you get excited about hitting the bell and if you hit it hard and the others hit on top of your hand it can hurt your hand.


Marie-Lise H.


It's a quick reflex type of game. The rules are quite easy to learn. At the beginning I would have the kids wait for whoever to pick a card from the pile when they won one, but that was slowing the game right down, Mia especially would have a little conversation with her card to see which tile it wanted more. So we started a 3-2-1 roll the dice! and the players had to be faster or they could miss out on the next roll. I hope the bell is well made because it takes quite a beating, we all hurt our hand hitting it too hard or having it slapped by another player hard to see a way around that.

Maggie W.


This is a great game for kids of all ages. It teaches younger kids to  look for and recognize pictures and the game is almost like bingo but with pictures instead.  My kids loved playing the game but sometimes would get hurt when they were trying to hit the bell as the bell is quite hard.  It is a game that is very easy to learn how to play thus it is a great game to use on family night.  The more people playing the more fun it is as it becomes more like a race for the ringing of the bell in order to get the cards  you need. Marissa (5) was a bit frustrated at first as she did not get the hang of when to be ringing the bell while her older sister Katy (8) knew exactly what to do. Riley (2) wanted in on the action too and tried to ring the bell but often got it wrong and would ring at the wrong times.

Choi C.


An easy game for me to play with the kids.  It is easy to set up and we can get started playing right away.  everyone has fun and I don't have to remeber too many rules.

Rebecca Y.


A cute game that's lots of fun for everyone. The kids (5, 6 & 9) love the bell though it's a source of a lot of fighting - who rung it first!? I found the rules a bit unclear so we made up our own which added a little strategy- you're allowed to constantly switch around your tiles on your boards (we often play with 2-3 boards each) so that you can make sure you never get swapped with a really bad board. This made it more competitive and probably extended the game. It would be nice to have some way to keep the tiles on the board since you need to move them around a lot.

Amy C.


I wish the pieces were either magnetic or Velcro. As the game requires players to swap cards it can be quite challenging...and frustrating when the pieces go all over.


Manufacturer Description

It's rush hour at the Ring-a-Ding Diner and you must hurry to serve a table full of hungry customers! Roll the die to add dishes to your tray. Roll a Free Meal or snag the Special of the Day to help fill your order. And if you roll a bell, it's a mad dash to grab your grub before another player beats you to the lunch! Be the first to complete all your orders and - DING! - you're the winner! If you’ve ever been to a diner during a peak hours, you've had a little taste of what you’ll experience playing this game of quick reaction and observation. As you race to fill orders, you’ll not only serve up some yummy dishes, but you’ll also hone valuable skills like hand-eye coordination and visual discrimination. Now quick – get playing before the food gets cold!

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