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Parents® My Little Mailbox™

Manhattan Toy

Age: 18 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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A great toy, except for the stamps! Unfortunately these little velcroed squares are small enough to pose a choking hazard, so remove and save them for extended play when you child is older. What our testers loved best was just posting the cards, and discovering the "mail" - no big need for the stamps. For an older child, the stamps do add extra interest to the toy, despite that they don't have a great deal of sticking power.




"Oliver letter" (when he raises the flag to show he has mail)

"happy birthday!" (when he sees the balloons)

"Grandma letter" (when he posts a letter he "wrote" for his grandmother)



"Mommy, I got you mail with the ladybug stamp on it!"


Krista M.


Our family loves this toy. Madilynn (F,2) spends hours a day delivering our mail, adding stamps and reading what the mailman brought her. The bright colours on the mailbox and the postcards are wonderful for little eyes! We like that the stamps can interchange, but they could stick on a little stronger. Isabella (F, 11m) enjoys carrying around the postcards as well and "reading" what is on them.

Jennifer L.


I've mentionned this toy to other parents of toddlers who seems interested in the concept. I have only good reviews for this item

Jenifer L.


Heath (M13m) took to this toy right away. He loves to put the mail into the mailbox and claps after each enveloppe goes in. It is easy to open to retieve the mail. Oddly enough, he won't play with it if I hang it on the door knob.

Susan C.


We love playing with this toy. It's fun to use our imaginations when we read the letters. My son loves to put the stamps on, post the letters and look at the fun designs.

I rated this at only a 7 out of 10 for two reasons: the mail slot is not large enough to easily put the letters in, and the stamps are a potential choking hazard and do not attach as strongly as I would like.

Christina B.


After a month of play, my daughter (17 months) enjoyed this toy in the same way she started enjoying it - by putting the postcards in the mailbox, taking them back out, and removing the stamps (and occasionally using the pets' backs as mailboxes!). She didn't understand the concept of mailing them and receiving mail (I don't think she is quite ready for imaginative play), but if used for the intended age (18+ months), I think it would be better.

Emma H.


My first impression was that I loved this toy, and after 2 months of use I still love it.  My daughter (F20m) still loves to check the mail when you ask her if there is any.  She runs right on over and brings you what is in there, and then posts it when you ask her to.  We keep it hung on a door in the family room. 

I am concerned about the potential choking hazard posed by the stamps (although this has not been an issue for us) so for this reason I give it 9 instead of 10 out of 10.  Other than that I love this toy and can see long term appeal for my daughter.  I look forward to leaving her little notes when she is able to read.

Caroline S.


My 2 year old did not take much interest in this toy.  At first, he put the letters in and took them out several times but then became bored with it quickly.  The problem is that he does not read or write so he does not understand what a letter actually is.  I liked the slot on the included postcards where you can insert a picture.  We drew pictures as well as putting in some family ones and hung the mailbox on his door but he did not take any interest in it.  After the inital introduction, it was completely ignored.



My daughter (F20m) still loves to check the mail when you ask her if there is any. She runs right on over and brings you what is in there, and then posts it when you ask her to. We keep it hung on a door in the family room.


Manufacturer Description

Mail call! A fabulous fabric mailbox complete with three postcards-two with windows to hold family photos-Velcro-like stamps and rotating red flag. Mailbox and postcards are made of dense fabric material to assure durability for play. Carry handle can also be used to hang mailbox on your child's door.

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